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Your account is not authorized to access the beta


I bought the ardent gladiator supporter pack today and I could play to the beta for a few hours.
But now when I try to login in game, I have a message saying that my account is not authorized to access the beta.

When I check on my account on the website, the purchase appears completed, and I have still access to the download links.

Is there any problem with my account ?


Someone on this problem ?
I’ve sent my logfile on the support mail address 36h ago and still no response :frowning:


Unfortunately, as a small team we are not always able to respond to e-mails 7 days a week.

A member of our team has since responded to your latest e-mail.


Just got the mail, I’m sending back the screenshot in a few minutes.



Any news on my problem ?



Well seems that it’s time to play :smiley:

This issue has since been resolved via e-mail.

Closing thread.