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Your account is not authorized to access the beta

Apologizes for posting here too. I fixed my issue with the password change. But apparently this account is not authorized for the beta. I’ve played today, about 5-6 hours before I attempted to log in again. For some reason I had to input my e-mail and password, then even after doing it right the game says I am not authorized.

Hi there,

No apology necessary! We’re always happy to help. :slightly_smiling_face:

I believe this is likely a case of you having registered multiple Last Epoch accounts and used different accounts when posting on the forum and playing the game.

You’ve been an active participant on our forum - and whenever I see someone active on the forum with no supporter badge, I check to see whether they are entitled to one in case the automated badge assignment failed for whatever reason. I can remember looking into this previously and not seeing any purchases associated with that account.

A member of our team has responded to your two support tickets. I’d suggest following up with us there, due to account-related discussions often needing to include sensitive information.

Looks like I was right. :wink:

I’ll mark the above post as a solution.

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