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You are about to delete all your characters !?!?

I just alt tab and then maybe i push something and then BAM !!!


ok …this it must be a sheet and sad joke …or people that made this game ( devs) are just insane ROOOFLLL

PS : At least if there will be such a bug/command to allow for anyone to delete all their toons …this is sick

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This game takes control of the keyboard and mouse even when minimized. This is a very unpleasant bug.

Sounds like you were messing in the registry. Sounds like hacking backfired on you. Did you by any chance highlight Y then push enter?

Minimize the game without pausing, and try to write something in the chat or on the forum. Then expand the game, and see that the character has already fled to you somewhere and a bunch of menus are open in the game.
If it is not clear how it looks, in the evening after work I will record a video.

Digging in the registry is not hacking, it is a study. I don’t use it to get into the top ladder on solo hardcore or for endless crafting.

Did you press yes for testing purpouse?

It’s funny I tried to repeat and write down - this bug does not work. But at least three times my game minimized fulfilled all the keystrokes of the keyboard and mouse. I was unfolding the game, and the character was running do not understand where, with a bunch of open menus.

I’ll try to find a pattern.

My char started running sometimes aswell! It´s not you smoking too much weed! :smiley:

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