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Yet another report of the game not working on Linux/Steam

Hey guys, I just wanted to toss in my two cents, and log file, on this topic. The game used to run for me on Linux, but it has stopped working. As others have reported, a title bar appears when I try to start the game, but nothing else happens.

I have tried running with the Steam Linux Runtime, as well as through the latest proton, as well as Glorious Eggroll’s proton patches, and they all do exactly the same thing. Attached is the log file. I hope it helps.

Player.log (15.6 KB)

Additionally, here is my system info gathered via Steam.steam_info.txt (65.8 KB)

Update: As it turns out, the game will start eventually. It just takes a really long time, and it uses about 12 GB of RAM.

If I didn’t have 32 GB of RAM, there’s no way it would run at the moment.

Thanks for your post; I’ve been investigating this.


Before I say anything else I do need to be clear that we do not support running non-Linux clients on Linux. We only support running Last Epoch’s Linux client - and, technically, only on Ubuntu at that - and so Glorious Eggroll’s patches of Valve’s Proton patches of WINE on an unsupported distro do fall outside of the scope of the support we provide.


One of the first things I did after reading your post was switch from one of our internal test branches on Steam back to the latest publicly available release, and then run it on Kubuntu;

As we can see from the above video, the game client can currently be slow to initially open - this is a known issue which we are actively working on - however after a short period of time passes, the game opens without issue. The video has not been modified in any way.


Having determined that the game does run on a supported configurations I then moved to see if I could reproduce your report of the game using approximately 12 GB of RAM.

I used the top command, and this was the output I received;

As we can see, the game is using approximately 5 GB of RAM, which is significantly less than the usage you report seeing on Manjaro. I notice the game’s virtual memory is similar to the RAM utilization you mention. Is it possible you may have looked at the wrong figure?

To be clear, the amount of physical RAM allocated to the process is reported in the RES column. The VIRT column combines physical RAM usage with the GPU’s VRAM, on-disk shared libraries, and other information. This can differ substantially from the amount of system memory in use, as the above screenshot demonstrates.


Having determined that the game runs - and does not use an inordinate amount of RAM - on an officially supported distro, I then tested the game on Manjaro in a bid to determine what could be causing the issues you describe. Again, I went with KDE due to personal preference.

Below is a recording of me launching the game on Manjaro;

Overall, this is very similar to the experience I had on Kubuntu - the game can be slow to start, but if left for a moment it will open and should then run without issue.


If you are curious about the system I performed this testing on, its specifications are;

  • Kubuntu 19.10, Manjaro w/ kernel 5.3.18-1-MANJARO
  • AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
  • 32 GB of RAM
  • Sapphire Pulse Vega 56

I understand that you don’t support non-linux clients on linux. My only point was that I was seeing the same behavior both with the linux client and the non-linux client.

Unfortunately, I was not looking at VIRT. I’m aware of the difference, being a developer myself. Here’s screenshot, although it now seems to be using a bit over 8 GB instead of the 12 I was seeing earlier. You’ll notice that on my machine VIRT is almost 14. It is possible that I looked at my total memory usage as opposed to just that used by LE. My system sits at about 4GB used most of the time, so 8+4 == 12.

At any rate, I wasn’t really looking for a solution, I was seeing many posts of people having the same problem, and again, being a developer myself, I know you can never have too many logs from your users, so I thought I’d post them in the hope that they helped you guys out.

The game is playable for me, mostly, and I feel like the people who are getting crashes may not have enough RAM, since on some machines, clearly it’s using an extraordinary amount.

Thanks for your reply and your in-depth analysis though. I really do appreciate it. And on a Saturday too! Go have some fun man, nobody is going to die of not playing Last Epoch before Monday.

For clarity, the 8GB of ram was sitting at the login screen. Once I actually logged in, the game required 10+ GB of RES.

I don’t know what the difference is. The obvious thing is that I’m running a 2070 Super. Maybe that’s significant. I don’t really know.

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