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Wraith Dunes

Feed back on something that is both pointless and annoying.
The wraiths that keep endlessly spawning in the Wraith Dunes.
I have been through that zone so many times, yet I only noticed they keep spawning when I stopped to attempt to read global chat and became very frustrated that I was getting monsters attacking me periodically from no where.
I had never noticed that these monsters are always spawning (so they are of no significance playing through the zone), but are really annoying if you want to:

  • Read chat
  • Change your character, examine loot
  • AFK for any reason

I could very easily imaging a hardcore character dying there because someone didn’t realise they keep spawning.
I would really recommend either, make them more significant, so that doesn’t go un-noticed so easily, or remove that ability. The monsters do say under their name, but how many people actually read that unless the monsters are not dying quickly (these are monsters very easy to kill)
Another possibility is they could be more obvious they are coming out of the sand all the time.
It’s not particularly the mechanic I dislike, just the lack of it being clear enough that is not a zone you can stop in for any reason.

They are kinda annoying, but if you run along the southern border of the zone there’s a thing that you can kill which stops them spawning.

They don’t just come out when you read/reply in chat, but they will be most annoying then.

I’d say as a hardcore player you should never go afk when you’re not in town. You have to be paranoid and never ever think you are save.

On this map it is not a good choice to stop and start crafting or else :laughing:.

If you have to, take a tp. Enemy reset will be fixed in the future so the monsters will not have respawned when you go back.

I like the fact the map is different, takes a little planning since there is no pause implemented yet, but the change of pace is nice.

What change of pace? They die really easy. Unless you are single target (why would you in any ARPG?) or standing still for any reason (which you only do to pick skills, read chat, look at equipment, etc), this doesn’t actually do anything, as they just die before you notice.

Yeah, you’re right. Should be more Weaiths and they need to hit harder :wink:

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