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"Wraith bomber" - summon your army of spooky goons and potentially fry your computer (0.7.0d)



ive tested it from alpha and it didnt do anything as far as i could tell, not sure if it was bugged but ive never tried it for beta

if you have a multi button mouse, bind one of the buttons to the force attack command (A) and use it regularly, i usually open a fight with that command and then go in to spam spells


I’m finding it quite effective to start a fight by dropping a pile of wraiths in the middle of a pack of mobs, it starts to cluster up the melee mobs quite nicely. I’ve spec’d the wraiths into the poison nodes so their damage is reasonable against normal mobs without blowing them up. Thanks for the fun spec idea @doyzord :grin:


I was averaging some 20-30 minions most of the time (may be sacrificing too often or holding off casting wrath till I get near mobs (as they tend to sit where cast waiting for a mob to agro).
Lag seems mostly fine, other than when I sacrifice large groups, and then it only pauses for 1 second.


hmm that should be your minion count if you dont have putrid retribution maxed yet
you can control your normal wraiths with command attack, for some reason normal wraiths dont follow you by default, but blood wraith and poison wraiths do

micromanaging wraiths is like 1/4 of the gameplay lol.

nice, ive never tried maxing the poison node but i theorized it would add a ton of damage the way bleed does, you can spec into rotting army and drop some points from the node for longer lasting wraiths.


I’ve always liked builds that have a basic core tenet but also allow some variations, this is one such build I think.


It’s a cool build but I’m starting to feel really clunky now that I’m 50+. The lag isn’t as bad as expected (it definitely lags hard when I sacrifice but it’s still very playable for me), however I feel like my only real damage is Sacrifice. The Wraiths do very little damage themselves and their AI isn’t very good. It ends up feels pretty bad for general clear.

Part of this is definitely my gear but even if my minions did 3x more damage it would still not be very much.

Goddamn Sacrifice feels good to use though. Nuclear blood explosions.


did you grab the bleed passive and the unique chest?
the bleed damage makes them perform decently, the thing with DoT’s though is that the damage needs to ramp up

if you want stronger wraiths you can go into the left side of thier tree(for the normal ones) either for poison chance or into the +base necrotic damage nodes


No luck getting the chest drop, I do have the bleed passive though. I’ll continue to give it a go but it’s definitely a struggle clearing when I have to do all the damage with Sacrifice or Rip Blood.


ah ic, i think that chest only drops for low level areas,
you can spec into certain nodes on the tree to give your main minions DoT damage
ill add a small note on the gearing section for it

but yea as a general clearing build for monolith this one isnt going to be the best though, you can get transplant and try to rush the bosses /objectives for keys, to get into arena where this build shines.


thanks for this build, i’m really enjoying it so far! i knew i wanted to play a necromancer for my first build but was pretty overwhelmed by the skill trees (even after years of PoE), so i came to the forum and picked a few that looked interesting… yours was the first one i tried and it was so much fun i ended up sticking with it.

i just died for the first time at level 50 on wave 49 of the arena, which i think speaks a lot to the tankiness of the build. the ward generation is insane. i still have a lot of room for improvement on my gear, so i can see myself pushing quite far into the arena with it.

i noticed you speced into mark for death but didn’t spend more than half of the points for it… was it just an abandoned experiment? since there aren’t really any other relevant skills with trees yet, i speced into it as well and plan on playing around with it as my fifth skill instead of transplant and exhume, which i’ve been switching between so far. i think it will be really useful against tanky mobs and bosses with the bone prison node, to keep them in check as well as providing the damage boost.

what i think would be really nice is if the mark of punishment node that applies the curse to nearby enemies when your minions die would inherit the skill tree if you specialize into the skill… that way you can use it as a sort of ad hoc sixth skill and still have transplant for escapes or exhume for ward generation… that might be a little OP though, so i can see why the devs might not do that.

edit: FWIW, re: doublet of onos tull, i found the bleed was not really doing enough damage to justify the lack of defense, so i stopped using it once i got to the endgame stuff. and it definitely drops in higher level areas… i found 3 of them so far, one in the last part of the story and 2 in the monolith and arena.


thanks :smiley:
yea the mark for death thing was just a throwaway for experimenting, bone prison is kinda weird it has its ups and downs, the walls are counted as minions and are popped with sacrifice but they also prevent your other melee minions from closing in since it blocks them lol

its really hard to tell if mark of punishments curse uses a leveled up mark for death, but yea pretty sure i doesn’t.

i took the unique since i really need it for damage, i try to avoid spamming sacrifice because it can cause the game to crash or lag until im dead lol


Hi. Thanks for the build and a nicely written guide. Its a fun build to play.

I used 10 skeleton mages instead of exhume. When I get to the point where I have a lot of minions 50-ish+, it can sometimes get very laggy, to the point where I can’t move my character, and need to wait until some of the wraiths despawn.

When using sacrifie I get around 1 sec of lag at most, however one time on areana wave 60-70 with around 60 minions the sacrifice made the game crash.

In the arena I have around 1k ward most of the time. I have only done up to about wave 100 though.