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Working on New Sound Effects for Lightning Blast


Last month an audio engineer, John, joined our sound team.

Today we’d like to show you a video he prepared of his work on a new sound effect for the skill Lightning Blast. It uses the sound of a stun gun, granular audio effects, and equalization to create the sound of lightning flying through the air to strike your foes!


Sounding pretty darn good for the skill. If the rest of the skills get a sound overhaul like this one it’s gonna be a treat to play everything


Can’t wait for the rest of the sounds to be overhauled!


Sarno is unstoppable, Community Manager and now Sound Engineer.

“Why hire multiple people when I can just hire Sarno multiple times?” -@.Mox


Reminds me of when the electricity sparks from the port to the plug.
Its kinda cool