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Working on New Sound Effects for Lightning Blast


Last month an audio engineer, John, joined our sound team.

Today we’d like to show you a video he prepared of his work on a new sound effect for the skill Lightning Blast. It uses the sound of a stun gun, granular audio effects, and equalization to create the sound of lightning flying through the air to strike your foes!

Creating New On-Hit Sound Effects for Combat

Sounding pretty darn good for the skill. If the rest of the skills get a sound overhaul like this one it’s gonna be a treat to play everything


Can’t wait for the rest of the sounds to be overhauled!


Sarno is unstoppable, Community Manager and now Sound Engineer.

“Why hire multiple people when I can just hire Sarno multiple times?” -@.Mox


Reminds me of when the electricity sparks from the port to the plug.
Its kinda cool

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