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Wolves and Scorpion with babies deliver the poison (build link provided)

Here’s a build video for anyone wanting to try out the ultimate poison pet build. Scorpion is the new king. (This is the current rank #1 Beastmaster on SC as of patch 0.7.6c)


nice one man

I started exp my beastmaster:). Can you add screenshots of your stats and minions stats?

Yes if you habe discord I can message you there this forum does not like my photo files

ok :slight_smile: , and i have question about damage over time for minion, This prefix i can only add in craft or maybe drop sometimes. I try gamble but no effect.

Minion damage over time shards start dropping at level 50 they only come on 2 handed staff 1 hamded scepter rings helm relic and amulet

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Thanks for quick answer. Im at 53 lvl now, very fast exp with this char and very fun:)

Yeah no problem when your active your active

I’v asked this in the “Ask Devs” discord but thought you may have found out - Did we ever get a final say on whether or not the baby scorpions inherited the Scorpions traits and node implementation?

I have not gotten anything definitive :frowning:

Hi man! Can you make a short write down on the build? Like img and affix to look for and order for passives? It’s pretty hard to keep checking the video everytime you need it…

Passive tree Primalist (base class)
8/8 Natural Attunement
1/8 Primal Strength
5/5 Primal Medicine
5/6 Survivor Of the pack
1/1 Ancient Call

8/8 Shamanic Infusion

5/8 Souls attendant
10/10 Vale warrior
1/5 Healing totems
8/8 Blossoming vines

5/8 savargy
1/8 ambush
3/6 lamprey teeth
1/5 rending maw
5/5 boar heart
5/5 porcine constituion
1/5 call of the pack
3/8 the chase
5/5 envenom
8/8 life of the wilderness
10/10 avian shelter
8/10 viper fangs
5/10 rattlesnake rattlesnake
1/1 force of nature

I’m confused. I’ve followed this build very closely, and I can only summon 3 wolves… how do I get more without “Safety in Numbers”? (yes I have The Fang and Artor’s Legacy)

You get 2 To start the game, 3rd if your wearing artor legacy, 4th inside the wolve skill tree onthe left side for +1 companion, 5th for +1 companion when you become beatmaster mastery, 6th is just past the halfway point on beastmaster passive tree for +1 for a total of 6 companions

I can summon 6 companions. However, after summoning my 3rd wolf, trying to summon another only makes them howl. Is this a bug?

And if it is a bug, why does the spec “Safety in Numbers” even exist?

Safety in numbers does work, should let you summon 6 as long as you have hit your companion limit. Same will work if your wearing claw or fang

Yeah, safety in numbers works. If I spec it, I can summon 6 wolves. Once I remove it, I’m limited to 3 again.

So, without Safety in Numbers, I’m only getting +1 wolf from Pack Hunters, and +1 from The Fang. Where are the others coming from? (+1 companion =/= +1 wolf)

If you are not running safety in number, then you need to wear the amulet the fang or the claw in order to get more than 3. The fang does not give +1 wolf or +1 companion, it simply allows you to now summon wolves up to your companion limit which can be as high as 6. If you are wearing the fang or the claw then yes everywhere you can get +1 companion is the same as getting +1 wolf. But +1 wolf is not a +1 maximum companion. This is a all square are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares situation.

Hey Boardman21, How are you autocasting entangling roots?

Got to settings. Go to input. On the skill you want to autocast put a keypad number in the 2nd column. Go to your num Lock keypad. Make sure its on. Hold that number. Turn off num Lock. Let go of number. It will now be registered as always held down