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[WIP] Burning Forge Guard - get tanky while destroying groups



As a level 62 I got out of a tier 75 arena. Could have pushed for higher but had to go do something else, oh well. Thing is this build is operating with Molten Blade which so far doesn’t have a tree. When it does this build will truly shine.


  • extremely tanky, can stack up on defenses without sacrificing damage output
  • can kite
  • has 2 “oh shit” buttons


  • crap single target damage, has to kite big yellows around like a pussy if they are the only ones left

Uniques needed:
Eye of Reen
Great synergy with Counter Attack + Banish from the Sentinel tree. Get inside those groups of enemies and stack your DoTs!
Calamity + Soulfire
Work wonders with Molten Blade because it is indeed a fire skill.

Notable passive nodes:
Counter Attack + Banish - maxed
Devouring Blade + Finality - maxed
Rallying Block + juggernaut + Retaliation + Smelter’s Might - maxed
Conviction - maxed

Skills and modifiers
Vengenace - the fire modifiers + Zealot’s Technique + Bolster
Rebuke - Singed Shield + all defensive modifiers
Lunge - all buffs from Tactician onwards
Holy Aura - Improved Flame Burst + Prismatic Fury + Shelter from the Storm
Molten Blade - I wish T_T

Note that this is a work in progress, I still haven’t even gotten my full passive points from the campaign yet, better start working on it.

EDIT: Did another arena run and reached 100. Feels good, first character to ever do this with. Got bored though and didn’t push further but this character is most definitely good enough to push higher level with.

Going from wave 95 to 100, perfectly demonstrates the build’s strengths(big packs, kiting) and weaknesses(single powerful mobs, DoTs).

Could definitely go higher if I bother crafting some gear and leveling. I am not sure I am terribly motivated to do so though, not until the Molten Blade tree shows up.


Can you possibly add a video ?


Video has been added.


Looks cool but definitly needs some single target