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Windows 10 crash (NOT AMD)

I’ve been crashing non-stop on my main rig. With or without the vulkan wrapper.

Main rig specs : i9 7980XE, Nvidia RTX 2060, 64GB DDR4 RAM. Game is installed on an M.2 SSD. Performance is pretty bad but this game is in development so I don’t mind. Even with everything on minimum and antialiasing off, I crash. Cannot play 2 minutes without crashing.

I switched to my processing rig.

Processing rig : i7-6700K, Nvidia GTX 980Ti, 16GB DDR4 RAM. Constant crashes. Cannot play the game more than 5 minutes. With or without the wrapper.

All files have been validated for both machines. Windows 10 fully updated. Drivers up to date.

Without Vulkan wrapper : (3.6 KB)
With Vulkan wrapper : (5.0 KB)

I would really like to play the game I bought. I have too many hours to be refunded by Steam. I don’t even want to get my money back if the game works. That’s where you guys come in. Especially since a bunch of people are in the same situation. (5.2 KB)

I was browsing the Unity forums about this and I think you will find this page interesting @11th Hour devs.

This is the main problem that causes me to crash and everyone else for that matter, which is a memory leak. It is a bug with Unity itself. Check the comments, they suggest fixes. (Disabling graphics jobs, not using mirror reflections or multiple cameras, not using graphics jobs or GPU skinning)

That’s a good find. It’s crazy how a rig that awesome is struggling so much. My backup machine is a potato by comparison and seems to be running on sheer willpower. Looks like someone in that thread has found a possible solution. It unfortunately isn’t something that we can do immediately. If that does fix it, it is something that we will get to eventually anyways. I know that sounds really strange and cryptic. We just need to upgrade engine builds very cautiously as it can end up creating massive problems.

Edit: just keep an eye on patch notes, we should mention something that references this type of problem when it’s looking good.

Can’t wait. I really enjoy the game and all my friends are playing it with minor problems. It has been increasingly frustrating, especially since I can no longer get refunded. The dread of being stuck with an unusable game is very present.

I’d like to agree about the machine statement. I can run anything else without a sweat but Last Epoch will not budge. I feel this is a Unity problem. Heck, even when I do run LE, the game does not chug. I can run ultra with over 60 fps, even in the most difficult areas. But then I’ll get the random stopped responding and crash. Whether it’s in combat or while I’m idle in my stash. Really strange.

Yea, I feel for ya bud. I’ve been there myself. We are in a weird spot where we don’t have a build in hand that I know will fix it so but I’m feeling very confident about the issue.

Hi there,

We’ve just released 0.7.8f which includes a fix for crashes on AMD graphics cards. I do realize you don’t have an AMD graphics card, but it may still help.

If you’re still having crashes after the update, please provide the information listed in this support article. Thanks!

I’ll give it a try. I’ll keep you posted.


Here’s my logs : (9.4 KB) and (9.6 KB)

Here’s the solution to this problem :

Something to do with the textures and Nvidia cards. It seems to only happen on recent machines. User DDNA in the thread has found the root cause.

Edit : You guys should give me something for all the hard detective work I’m putting in.


It would be nice if you added a way to choose which API to use in the video settings options. Since I’m constantly crashing on DX11, I could at least try to use OpenGL or Vulkan. Would also be nice if you didn’t make this in Unity.

Edit : If I get no reply from you folks on Monday, I will remake this post.

Remaking the thread isn’t necessary. I’ve been doing what I can to look into this and do have some ideas, but that’s about all I can say. I realize that you can’t really play the game right now, but any progress we can make on this is slowed down by the fact that we aren’t seeing this problem in our internal testing.

The Windows client only supports DX11, while OpenGL is used on Linux/Mac. We don’t have any plans to change this, largely due to the amount of testing/support overhead it could introduce. We don’t currently release any builds with Vulkan.

Alright. Some better communication would do a lot to keep me from thinking that you guys took my money and dont give a shit about what comes after. I will just go ahead and uninstall your game and pick it back up a in a couple of months when hopefully things will have cleared up. I don’t have a choice anyway, I can’t get my money back. Thanks for the reply.

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