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Will there be sockets on gears, & how will it be implemented

As a topic, will gears eventually have sockets & how will it be implemented?

Sockets for what, skills, additional stats or something else?

Well I’m a fan of the socket system abd I would like to see it implemented in some form.

I don’t know in what form it can be added to items as it would be somewhat redundant with the current crafting system. Maybe some form of runs that change the mechanics in some way.

Sockets in the active skill trees would be great as it can bring greater diversity to the game.

Thanks in advance.

Hmm, I think Sockets aren’t really required here, as basically every item has 4 Sockets in the form of craftable pre- and suffixes.
I don’t know what socketing could add to that in a meaningful way without just being powercreep.
For example D3 sockets had +crit damage, or +stats, which you can just slap onto your gear here and improve to T5.

This could actually be an interesting way to craft/loot your own skill point in a skill tree.
Imagine something along the lines of jewel sockets in the PoE tree.
Might only be limited to lootable “jewels” or the other way around with only craftable jewels.
Perhaps lootable uniques which have the power sitting somewhere in between keynodes and minor nodes in the skilltree.


This could be very interesting +1

Seconding this “socket for skills” idea. Jewels that enchance the passives around them, or that gives bonuses to the skill, like +% something, or that change the skills in ways the passive tree actually don’t do, there are a lot of possibilities here, and this is builds galore waiting to happen.

i like that idea alot maybe an end game mechanic that has a low drop chance and binds on pickup, that way its not something that can be bought off the market but instead is earned from doing end game content or possibly having guild dailies etc that could give you currency for this and possibly getting gear with max base stats to use for crafting purposes

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