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Will there be a wipe on release?

Good day.
I did not find information on wipe. I just found that the progress will be removed when switching from a local game to a network.
I acquired the game only yesterday. As I understand it, it is already networked.

Will there be a reset of progress when the game is released?

I understand that the testing process is underway, but if progress remains, I would prefer to test in hardcore mode. If there is a reset, then this does not make sense in order to save time and game/test to softcore mode.

No. Multiplayer is not in yet. There are some online functions such as in-game chat and uploading of character data on ladder but partying with other players and seeing other people is not possible yet.

There will be a wipe of online characters when the game is released.


Thanks for the clear answer.

So are all characters created thus far considered “online” characters? Does this mean every character created since alpha will be wiped from existence and everyone will be starting fresh?

I thought characters were stored locally in the registry or is this different?

P.S I like the idea of a wipe. New engine, new phase, new start.

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