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Why dont we have mana leech on items ?!

I search for mana leech because iw ant to make a more of dps melee char and almost all time remain out of mana beside the mana regen we got.
We need mana leech , atm casters dont care about mana on their big damage spells but a melee strugle so hard.
if there are not items or glips with mana leech they should be added

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They have said a few times before mana leech isn’t a thing that will be added. Choice is a big thing here and managing your mana is one of those.

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There are skills that add mana/ increase mana regen/ or revert you back in time when you had mana. Utilize these. Will make the game a bit more involved. Whats the point of making a skill even cost mana if you could just leech it all back or drink a potion.

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This is a game design decision that won’t change. They wan’t to make mana a real ressource to handle that will force you to make choices in your build. A strong skill will cost a lot of mana, this is fair and makes the game much more strategic.


Mana dependency doesn’t make a game strategic. This was talked about in PoE and found to be NOT true. It just makes it a chore. This game should have mana pots, period. And their reasoning is simply dumb. This goes along with the crazy amount of stats in this game that they want you to control. Look at the amount of resistances. Or what about the block stats, do we really need that many? And why isn’t throwing attack just ported over to spell damage? It’s literally labeled a spell in game. I feel like they are just trying to shove way to many things into one basket. My suggestion, simplify a few things for the love of god. I would of figured you would of learned from the PoE beta days that more stats doesn’t make your game better, just more dam confusing. Then you add your insanely hard to obtain high tier crafting to the mix with items that can break? Just way to many levels of RNG. And let’s be honest. I’m not the only one mentioning this. YOu have a lot of high level players mentioning the same thing. To much RNG can be a bad thing, not good.


Very good!

What is it you find so “dam confusing?” This game is less confusing and definitely more forgiving than POE.

“Insanely Hard to Obtain high tier items?” Why are on earth would we want it to be easy? So everyone can max everything out on day 1 and quit by day 2?


Mana leech(currently) is a bad idea since it would completely skew non mana use builds, let alone the builds currently using mana. It would nerf all but non cast cost builds into the ground. Some things need balancing yes, but at the same time nothing is quite game breaking yet. YET being the key word…

Reduction exists and so does mana base enhancement, as well as conservation through skills…It’s unbalanced yes but not atrocious, yet.
Yet being the key word again…

Mana costs make strong skills not spammable and gives 0 mana cost skills a strong perk that can be used as a filler while you regen your mana. I don’t see what’s the problem about that :man_shrugging:


Nobody is saying they want max items on day 1. The system needs to be more forgiving crafting wise period. I get it’s beta and we are here to test. But to be honest, that makes it worse. Because as tester’s, we should be breaking this game, not struggling with it. Look at the class pages, look at general. Parts of this game have been way over developed. Nothing I stated was not true. And I’m sure they know this. I just hope, by release, some of the systems get a comb over so more casual players enjoy this game and it builds a strong playerbase. We can’t have that with what we have now. Content is getting good, but whats good content without a good base system. Cheers!

Relax, game still has atleast 9 more months of solid development before it will actually release

The game will be more forgiving when they fix the 90% break bug on top tier items lol

To get back to the mana discussion:

This game has mechanics to increase the mana regeneration rate and decrease the mana cost of skills. Imho this is ok. There are times where you have to kite enemies while mana is regenerating.

Implementing mana potions or mana leech would completely change the pace of combat:

  • Mana potions: Burst-burst-burst-potion-burst-burst-burst-potion-burst… collect potions… burst-burst-burst-potion-burst…
  • Mana leech: In combination with life leech the only goal would be to combine large numbers of damage and life/mana leech. The mana leech keeps up the pace and the life leech guarantees, that you don’t die.

Atm life leech already is very powerful. By adding a new source for mana (leech%, in hit, on kill, potions) these 2 elements would escalade each others impact.

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Was passing by and i should disagree with everything you say (don’t get me wrong). Mana is clearly a design made well in this game and it interacts always with my builds and even though i love PoE… PoE mana is a joke. As for the throwing attacks, i love the idea and it would be bad if they were ported to spells, i think the game can work with different damage types further and would be very good for the player base. As for the resistances/block and so many stats… i love the struggle, must admit that 90% of times i get killed because of a low protection to something. You actually have to decide well what you do and it works out preety good. As for the RNG, i don’t even know what you mean. To compare difficulty of high tier crafting of LE with PoE doesn’t even make sense. Here you get RNG but is deterministic, you know the risk and even better the reward. In PoE it’s normal for me to spend a whole league trying to craft that one item and it’s never close to perfect, never close to deterministic. Breakable items pump my heart like no other crafting system does and it surely as ways to improve further on. And in 3 casual days of play i get a viable build without needing that hight tier crafting. Totally Casual player here btw. As i said in the beggining, don’t get me wrong, but everything sugested in this thread just throws the game in the opposite of fresh tbh.

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why are you replying to me with this. I am aware of their thoughts on mana leech and am no the one wanting it.

You were the closest person… Lol 3 months later

I’m ok with no mana leech, but I do wish that mana regen scaled with maximum mana to an extent. I should have paid closer attention and realized that mana regen doesn’t scale with the maximum mana or I would have realized that it doesn’t interact with the maximum amount of mana.

Personally feel like the issue is that many builds simply don’t have a good path to fixing their mana issues without gimping the fuck out of their dmg or defences and that feels VERY bad. Honestly I’d be AMAZED if someone in here said they LOVE spending 4 or more points in many of their ability’s skill trees to fix their mana. If there were methods of getting a few rolls on gear (lol max mana/mana effic rolls r dog shit and eat up slots on amulets n shit). Also the one unique in the game that can pump mana regen “Urzil’s Pride” is so shit it’s FUNNY.

mana regen is more skill focused in this game, if your going with heavy mana spenders they expect you to use a mana generator. Im sure this will be more balanced and refined as beta continues. Focus/Mana strike for mage. Rebuke for sentinel. Reversal for sentinel. Rip blood for acylote. Primalist is hated, he gets nothing.