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Why did they choose a loot system without dmg numbers? And why do unique enemies not drop anything?

That last thing feels SO counterintuitive its crazy.

And I dislike this loot system without damage stats, you wont be searching for that “perfect” unique or rare weapon / armor and it really makes the game more boring if you find something early on that lasts you for 20 hours of gameplay or more. I want to keep finding new exciting loot and upgrading my gear every few levels, thats the main part of an aRPG ffs!

I don’t quite get what you mean by that. Can you give an example of what a “loot system with numbers” is? 'Cause LE’s weapons have damage numbers on them. Could it be better? Absolutely, maybe have a total damage on it that combines the implicit damage plus any damage affixes on the item.

I think a proper tooltip DPS would help a bit, since you could then check damage your skills do with the new item compared to the old item.


Actually i don’t see what you’re talking about either.

I do agree. What i would strongly dislike is the D3 way of showing you if an item is an upgrade or not. (% dps/tankiness increased directly on the item compared to what you’re wearing.)

The first part is not clearly understandable, I agree.

For the second part of the topic “why unique enemies don’t drop anything”:

From my experience rare enemies as well as bosses seem to have a higher drop chance for better loot. Yes, there is no guaranteed unique drop when you kill bosses. I can’t remember a game of this genre that has guaranteed unique drops. This would make item chasing very easy, too easy imho.

By numbers for dmg or armor I mean like in diablo where a weapon will have a dmg stat like 50-75 dmg + 10-15 fire dmg or something. LE doesnt have any dmg values on the weapons its weird.

Same for armour.

Yeah, it does. I’m not in-game at the moment, but this is basically the info you get:

Armour is similar but it’ll give the protection/crit avoidance/whatever other stats the item base gives.

huh is that an option setting that needs to be enabled or something or is there any reason it might not show up for me?

Ill take a pic of how it looks for me later

Not sure, I’d have to check when I can get online, but I thought it was the default (though I tend to turn on any “advanced tooltips” asap).

Hover over item and press ALT to show detailed info about each stat. It will also show, at the top under the item type, in orange, the crafting instability of the item.

Hover over item and press CTRL + ALT (in that order) to show the tier of a stat and it’s ranges.

This works on any item whether you are wearing it or not.

Hover over item in, say, backpack or vendor and press CTRL + ALT and it will show tiers and ranges of item you are hovering over but also bring up the item you are wearing in that slot so you can compare it.

Hover over item in backpack, vendor etc and press CTRL and it will bring up an item compare with the corresponding slot and show changes in current stats if you swapped items … pluses in green, minuses in red.

Hope that helps.

This is what my weapon & armour tooltips look like:

The only item-related options I’ve got in settings are:

  • long item names
  • item ground level affix indicators (dots for preffixs & suffixes)

I can’t see any options that would prevent the weapon/armour implicits from being displayed, so I’ve no idea what’s happening on your end. If you got it on steam you could try repairing your LE install, that’s fixed the oddest of things.

I believe OP is talking about weapons having both a min and a max dmg roll for attacks i.e 11-25 and not just one averaged out number like it is currently.

I must say I noticed this too and think it does makes loot less interesting than some other ARPGS.

I suppose it is a bit less interesting, since it takes a way a potential differentiating factor for an item. I.E. does it have a huge range with a higher max value, or a tighter range with a lower max value. Like lightning damage in D2, where it could basically tickle a monster or do the most single hit damage in the game.

In practice, I feel like I never notice, and always opt for whatever has the better average damage anyway. This gets further muddied by the ability to crit, which adds another layer of variance to damage, making it harder to notice the difference between a non-crit and a low damage roll.

It’s one of those things that I don’t think has a big impact either way, so I’d be ok with it if they kept it the way it currently is or changed it.

Good points. I feel another side affect to this is we also miss out on seeing how the items prefix/suffix mods manipulate the numbers on the item which can be fun. Same goes for IAS.

Ok, that makes sense & I guess I would probably prefer it like that too.