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Which skills from other games would you LIKE to see?


Sometimes a little… inspiration from other games is no bad thing. This isn’t designed to encourage wholesale lifting of things from other games - it’s just a place to mention things you enjoyed in other games.


Guild Wars

  • Spiteful Spirit - Spiteful Spirit was an elite Necromancer skill. It was a curse which you would apply to an enemy, and whenever they attacked or cast a spell, it would deal PBAoE damage centered on them. I love the concept of this skill. I think it'd really suit the Warlock in Last Epoch.


Path of Exile

  • Tornado Shot - When your arrow hits an enemy, a bunch of weaker projectiles go out in a nova around that enemy. Feels very impactful for a ranged ability, and it just feels awesome watching arrows flying everywhere.!


Diablo III

  • Disintegrate - Also known as Scorching Ray in Path of Exile, I find channelling skills where you fire some kind of beam in front of you a lot of fun.


I’d love to see Cool skills like… Body Swap, Flicker Strike, Death’s Oath/Righeous Fire, Reave, Duel Strike, Essence Drain( Anything Chaos Damage Really), Support Skills. (All Path of Exile) That would be cool to see! Also someone will probably request Minions but I think instead of summoning your own minions maybe have a skill that can summon mobs that are in the game! Something like Raise Specter in PoE.

Alot of games lack Melee-Range skills which I think seem to be alot of fun!


I would like to see minions skills similar to those in POE. If i get a chance to play i choose Necromancer class, because it’s makes me a lot of fun.

Also would be nice if you add some Auras/Temporary buffs for each class.


I want Blink or Teleportation and a Rogue-Magic hybrid class


Spiteful Spirit”

That’s an interesting one. We have skills that cause those sorts of explosions on kill, including one for the warlock, but not on hit. Even if that doesn’t end up as an individual skill that’s definitely something we should put in a skill’s tree.

Tornado Shot”

We have planned a skill called tornado arrow, but works quite differently, summoning a tornado that shoots out arrows at random directions. It is available to the marksman.

We have also planned a skill functionally similar to tornado shot called cinder strike, where the additional projectiles are cinders rather than arrows. It can be used with melee or ranged weapons, and is available to the rogue (and therefore also the marksman and blade dancer).


We do have a channelled laser skill planned and it will hopefully be in the demo. We just need to write the code for channelled skills first.

Flicker Strike

We have a skill planned for the blade dancer like this that also summons shadow clones that strike different enemies at the same time you strike your target.

Death’s Oath/Righeous Fire

We already have a skill like this in the demo, actually. You can augment fire shield to have a ring of continuous fire damage around it and also augment it to randomly ignite nearby enemies.

Anything Chaos Damage Really

We don’t have a chaos damage type, but we do have a void damage type and a subclass dedicated to dealing it, the void knight. In Path of Exile chaos covers poison, which is a separate damage type in Last Epoch, and appears on skills available to the Primalist, Rogue and Acolyte.

Support Skills

There will be plenty of classes with support skills, most notably the paladin. In addition to that many of the regular defensive skills (like fire shield, and like thorn burst once it has been augment to become thorn shield) can be augmented to allow you to cast them on allies instead of yourself.

minions skills

The beast master and necromancer are dedicated minion classes, though there will be the occasional minion skill available to other classes too, especially the subclasses that share the same base classes as those two.

Blink or Teleportation

The mage has a teleport skill and the rogue has a shorter distance shift ability, which can be used more frequently.


I’d love to see some summon spells, both from PoE (something like SRS) or like D3 (skellies, witch doctor summons) or even something like grim dawn, where you get summon spells from items. Something else? Frozen Orb maybe. Definitely movement skills, not something as OP as whirling blades or shield charge from PoE, but some kind of dash/blink/teleport with gcd.


I’d like that, too. :slight_smile:

Another thing I like about Grim Dawn is that the Necromancer’s Raise Skeletons ability summons a random mishmash of Warriors, Archers, Arcanists, and Revenants. It adds some visual variety to your army, and makes the Skeletons more reliable by giving them numerous different effective ranges. I think we’ve all summoned a bunch of minions in an ARPG only to see them all stand in the same AoE and die. Giving them different abilities helps to avoid them all grouping together.


Movement skills would be great, mobility in games like this are always fun, such as path of exiles leap slam or shield charge


Crossclass mobility skills. The only class with teleport in vanilla D2 was Sorceress, this made them the go to MFer. Once the expansion was introduced they made it so any class could teleport with the creation of a high level rune word. This made it not exactly trivial to get teleport on any character but totally attainable with regular play.

Limiting super mobility to only 1 or 2 classes can really kill the fun of end game item hunting.


I’d love to see some variation on an elementalist character - utilized wind & earth type spells would be really cool! Earth could also be split into earth and ground (earth dealing more with grass/leaves/etc) where ground deals with earthquakes & boulders.



Just to clarify; Spiteful Spirit triggered whenever the enemy attacked or cast a spell.


I loved it because it completely changed how you approached a fight. It synergized with another Guild Wars skill called Reckless Haste (enemies attack 25% faster, have a 50% chance to miss) as it didn’t require the attack to hit.


Guild Wars had a strong focus on PvP and that reflected in the skill design. While Spiteful Spirit may sound like a cheap gimmick to abuse enemy AI, similar skills were seen in PvP. Empathy caused enemies to take damage while attacking, and Backfire was the equivalent for spells (unlike SS, they were non-elite and had no AoE). Players had the choice of rapidly damaging themselves or effectively being removed from the fight, resulting in needing to coordinate with their team and try to spike enemies down with sudden damage which didn’t rely on each person using many abilities.


I’d really love to see EHG take some inspiration from Guild Wars’ style of control, denial and shutting down of enemies when designing the Warlock class. The Mesmer class was very different thematically, but I do think some design principles would translate across.


I’m going to go a bit old school here but any of the skills similar to Sacred I would like to see. It had some really unique skills that I haven’t seen repeated in other games since. It also had an item modifier called “Split” that on hit could cause enemies to multiply. It gave the game a risk/reward playstyle as small mobs could become huge.

Here is a link to some of the skills


Im a big fan of the Paladin from Diablo 2, so anything aura related would be awesome :3


I’d like to see a grapple/hook/chain ability. Something with a toggle function like the option to 1. Pull the mob or maybe X mobs to you? and toggle to 2. Pull you to the mob, not X mobs because then you would be split into many pieces… that’s bad.

If this exists then you da man!


Best skill all time: Diablo - Whirlwind.


Maybe something from Final Fantasy = a Summon type skill like Gilgamesh etc :slight_smile:


I’m not sure what you currently have, so I’m just thinking aloud.

It’d be cool to have some kind of payback ability where you absorb or take damage which primes a skill that could be autocast or toggled to deal that damage taken plus a multiplier back to nearby enemies. It’d be silly/fun to have a tanky play-style where you masochistically run through enemies to receive damage and set off a large PoE style discharge burst. The downsides might be, how recently you received damage, the danger of being near enemies to procc the skill, the cooldown of the ability, the travel speed of your character, etc. Maybe some of the damage would be the element type of the biggest hit you received?


Other than that it’d be cool to have traps and mines that can be used as main damage abilities rather than just bear trap style cc’s.

Maybe an aura that weakens enemies the longer they’re around you. Maybe presented as a warlock ability where some eldritch power decrepifies nearby enemies.


Lastly a skill like Dota 2’s Weaver ult might be interesting where you regain your health and position from a few seconds ago, with the possibility of gaining the ability to cast on allies later.


Definitely this - closer to Whirlwind from D3 which is fluid and nice than Cyclone in POE which feels like driving a dump truck.


I’m going to list just one skill each, from a bunch of games I’ve played.

Path of Exile -
Essence Drain / Contagion.

This skill combo starts out somewhat clunky and ineffective, but after investment, this skill is the pinnacle of Feel-Good. Degens with proliferation usually feel good as is, but the satisfying “whoosh” as it spreads like a plague through enemies makes this by far my favourite skill in an ARPG currently.

Diablo 3 -

I’m a huge fan of this skill, for similar reasons to ED Contagion. Instead of being focused on wide-spread plague shenanigans, this skill being more of a Few-Target, stackable dot that spreads on kill is a nice balance of “Keep casting for more damage” or “Cast a few times and hope it’s enough to kill and spread the haunts”.

Dota 2 -
False Promise (Oracle)

Usually this skill delays all damage and healing for the duration of the buff, with healing during the buff being doubled. I feel a variant of this skill could be extremely interesting as both an offensive and defensive option in Last Epoch. Being able to cast it on enemies OR allies, alongside being paired with a full skill tree would make this skill have incredible versatility, and useful in scenarios where you would be rewarded for not immediately shredding through everything. An example could be casting this skill as an AoE on a bunch of mobs at a boss, dropping ice-nova on them four or five times, then positioning them to proliferate on the boss when False Promise expires for a nuke.

Grim Dawn -
Panetti’s Replicating missile

Grimdawn made magic missile feel good. Not much to say, just a really good take on a staple skill that feels satisfying to use.

Dofus -
Punishment (Sacrier)

This skill is a single-target nuke that hits an enemy, dealing damage equal to a third of your maximum health, the closer you are to 50% HP. Every percent above or below 50% hp, reduces the damage of the skill, scaling exponentially (At say 30%HP or 70%hp, you would deal considerably less damage). It’s found on a class which usually has extremely high HP values, turning it into a berserker-style nuke. It makes it feel rewarding to be tanky, and confident enough to manage your HP well.

Tree of Saviour-
Joint Penalty/Physical Link (Linker)

These skill sets up a “Link” between enemies / allies respectively, spreading any damage taken by one target, to all enemies/allies they are linked to. This is a cool and somewhat unique support skill that would enable some single-target builds, and is a great skill for party play.


Spectral Throw from PoE :slight_smile:

<b>Spectral Throw</b> is an attack. It throws the current melee weapon at an enemy and returns to the player, dealing damage to enemies in its path.