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Which skill’s optics should be improved?

Should I post an extra thread for many other skills, or is a list in here sufficient?
Grasping Vines clutters the whole Screen and makes it impossible to see any circles and even many enemies. Also they sometimes even cover health bars. If you use Spriggan with Multi-Vines and you yourself use multi-vines, at times all you can see on Screen are vines.

Avalanche, when cast near yourself makes everything in that direction impossible to see, and the Sound is much much louder than other spell effects, probably because it stacks.

Lightnings, at a certain Point, also are quite disorienting, though that isn’t as bad as the skills before, since you Need to spam spells for that anyway. (Tornado Lightnings, Passive Node Lightnings, Storm Totem Lightnings)

I mean it’s generally fine that skills look epic, I love the Tornados, Avalanche is massive, Vines look cool. But enemy attack circles/effects should always be in the foreground. I died more than once seemingly random near an enemy, because the vines hid some damage Aura the enemy currently was using.

A list would have better discoverability as the first post of a thread than something a few posts down. If you’d like, I could make this post its own thread? Let me know if that’s what you want.

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Sure, I think a more generic “Which skill’s optics should be improved?”-Kind of thread would be the best idea? Because I don’t have much time at the Moment, and basically Focus completely on primalists (and even that very Basic). I’m sure similar Problems exist with other classes’ skills as well :slight_smile:
EDIT: Thanks, I’ll add posts when I stumble upon something :slight_smile:

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