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Which settings changes improve FPS the most?

I have a 144hz vrr monitor and currently get about 90 fps with i7 6700K + GTX 1080.

Edit: 1440p


You did not say what resolution you are running - that can make a huge difference.

Until LE has had the chance to optimise the game, most people run in 1080p, high textures, low or very low settings for most things - even the guys with GTX 20 series gpus & faster processors.

I am running an i5-7500 and GTX 1060 and getting average 70 odd fps except for very busy mob/minion frames which can drop down to less than 20 fps and even into single digits sometimes.

Have not personally tested which one setting makes the most difference - mainly because its still Beta and quite honestly, its the mobs,minions and Dot/Aoe effects that make more difference to the fps than anything else right now.

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