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Where to find the character save files?


I have recently upgraded from a HDD to SSD on my computer, both because of technical issues with this game and on other games.

However the cloning process at the computer store was not successful, so they had to do a fresh windows install. I still have my old hard drive, where can I find the save character files so I can transfer them to my new SSD drive as I install last epoch again? I don’t want to start again from scratch.


You can find character data with this support article. Unfortunately if you’re on Windows you may need specific software to access the registry data on your old hard drive, or need to boot into Windows on your hard drive again to copy off the data.

We do plan to improve the save data location and are looking into cloud saving. Additionally, once multiplayer is released all multiplayer characters will be stored server-side.

My apologies for the trouble.

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