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Where can i find all items listed?

Where can i find all the items ,like unique and set that are made for the game at this moment?
I ask because i frequently got the same drops over n over and i wonder how many items there are right now?

Thank you!

The wiki has items categorized here.

Additionally, the same information is available on a fansite here.

Some items have low level requirements, and a very small number have none at all. While we do need to implement more item types and base types, if your character is at a relatively low level then that would limit how many items are dropping for it.


thank you.yeah im lvl 55 atm i was just curious how many items there are in the game atm because i get so many same unique’s etc…

Yeah I can feel that :D. Got 5 times the tome of elementals or whatever it’s called in 30 minutes while 2 dropped from 2 mobs killed within 3 seconds ^^. I call it unlucky :D.

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well i was kinda dissapointed when i saw the list of items… but now i just looked at the phases that are yet have to come in future… i wont give up hope on this game :wink: but yeah for now im kinda bored again because of lacking of items and other stuff,But i will keep an eye on the patches :smiley:

You can always suggest new uniques :). Go for it if you have nice ideas for such items.

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