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Where Are You From?


I love that this topic is still going. Welcome everyone that’s here because the Beta has finally launched!


Cymru am byth


Russia, Moscow


Somewhere in England


Born and living in Hungary.


I live in TX


In the Greater Seattle Area


I live somewhere in Florida, USA.


Born and living in the UK, Yorkshire Tea, Yorkshire Puddings!


Living in the wonderful city of Ghent in Belgium.
Also known as the land of beer, chocolate, waffles and don’t be fooled otherwise french fries.


Hey me too


I’m jealous of you Belgians. Love it! Best fries and chocolate. 2 of my fave foods. Thought I died and went to heaven there.


Poland here ;3


Hey all! Lovely community.
Representing Turkey :tr: here. Alone i guess :grinning: :pensive:


Hello! im from Sweden!


America! More specifically currently living on the west coast (Oregon)


me too


Born & living in Norway, hoping to leave this tax ridden country as soon as possible tho! Contemplating Canada for the legal status of a certain herb i tend to enjoy :sunglasses:


Slovenia here.
It seems i am the only one so far :frowning:


I´m from Germany near Hamburg