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Where Are You From?


Germany - near Münster NRW


Currently in Orange County, California. Awesome to see such diversity in this thread!


Earth mostly


Earthling from Germany :slight_smile:


Your picture says you’ve been in it for quite some time :smiley:



Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. Currently in Huntsville, Alabama.


Denver, Colorado




Born in Sweden, living in UK since 9 years ago


hi, nice to meet u.


Where french fries really are from … :wink:


I was born and live in France in a area where I am surrounded by herds of cows :cow2:


Madrid, Spain!!.

I will upload also tons of gameplay videos as I normally do with other ARPG games into my youtube channel.

Is there any section in this forum where we can share those videos? (mines would be in Spanish though).



Germany , Bavaria


Born and living in Bucharest, Romania.
Hi all!


France north east near Germany


Salut! Ce faice?. pa pa!!

hahaha. I know a little bit of Romanian xDDDDDD



I’m good, pumped for the beta. You?


Same man!!!. Can’t wait!!! :smiley:


So many people from Germany, I must have missed the complimentry 6-pack Beers preorder promotion.

Borned in Sunny Singapore, but have been living & working in Middle Hesse, Germany for most of this decade.