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When you respec skill nodes, leveling skill again seems wrong

Its already some routine process when you need to respec skill nodes, you just go to arena and waste 30 minutes to level skill to 20 points again.
When we get multiplayer we probably will have different builds for solo/ party game play.
And respec process will make it way less fun, enforcing players to waste time on leveling skills each time they change game mode.
Even more, i came from Diablo 3 and they have awesome feature of saving builds(including skills, passives, gear) .So you can swap to different build in a matter of seconds.
Current system will make implementing this quality of life feature impossible in the future.

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Diablo 3 is a game where your choices don’t have too much weight. I’d say it’s fine for Diablo 3 because they wanted to make the game appealing to casual players.

I think LE’s target audience is somewhere between PoE and D3 (similar to GD), where you actually have to think about your choices. They don’t want you to level up as a cold mage, then suddenly you switch to a fire mage without any effort. They talked a lot about identity, which is why we only have 5 skills to specialise in.

Strangely enough, there are a few other threads about respecing, some of them complain that the current system makes it too easy to change skills (“lack of permanence”, “choices have no impact”) & others complain that it’s too harsh…

Thank you.
I made posts in some of them.
My main reason is multiplayer aspect of game.
And Diablo 3 have very successful multiplayer mode.
If Last Epoche really want good multiplayer experience (why get online mode if not multiplayer) they need to make skill respecing be not time consuming.
Again many skill nodes are useful only in multiplayer.

I’m strongly against that for reasons stated above, your choices have to be meaningful. And it’s not that bad now, if you plan to play with this character you’ll gain the level back naturally, if you don’t plan to invest more time in the character and just respec it and abandon it, then why respec in the first place, why not just abandon it.

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yes imagine we decided to play together in 1 game.
And I say to you, Ok, no problem mate, invite me in 30 minutes.
Ill go to arena to level my skills.
A lot of fun , yes?

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Do you plan to have several characters or just one and respec it immediately for each situation?

Also, we can still play if you’re not maxed out.

Btw random fact: I just ate an ekler

if for example i have mage with sorc mastery i don’t want to have 2 duplicates: one for single player and another for multiplayer.
Other then this, sure i gonna play multiple characters.

P.S. There is nothing better then fresh ekler in the morning:)

It sounds to me like you want a conceptual change for a very specific niche case where you won’t swap items, just skills, which means the game is broken in the first place, you should have items for that build too, which tilts more to having a second character and not respec+swap items for single/multiplayer.

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There are things that are even more wrong. I mostely put enough points into beastmaster to get the bear, specc it and pull it out once. Then I respecc my passive points out of Beastmaster and still level the skill I don’t even have to begin with ^^.

Hmm, why is it that we lose our invested skill point and must gain it back again through experience on Skills, yet not our character’s class passive skill tree?

Should we get bumped down to 73 again after respecing 1 point in our passive tree at lvl 74?

Why the disconnect on these two philosophies?

Surely our choices must carry weight, we can’t be respecing all willy-nilly in our passive tree!

Or is it, only gold carries weight and as long as we have enough of it we can remake ourselves like new, over and again?

Personally I think the respec costs for the passive tree are too little to have any impact. And I agree with reverting a skill to level 1 when you de-specialize in it. That makes sense, otherwise you’d get every skill to 20 and be done. But once it’s specialized, I think you should retain those points, as you respec point by point. It is called “Skill Re-spec”, after all, right? To re-specialize would imply you’re reallocating resources to a new location, not losing resources.

Over 250 posts on whether the skill respec system should change or not. We don’t need lots of threads on this matter.


Agree 100% op. Its a large reason i’ve stopped playing, the skills are not fun to level over and over and the fact we can only level 6 is just really limited…

So you stopped playing. Your decision. May I suggest you also stop complaining about on every single thread on this forum? We already got your point.


Its early morning in UK so we can have a few hours before @Llama8 gives me the gears again :slight_smile: … its a joke chill out

I also started a thread on this topic a few days ago and got similar responses. Whenever someone mentions D3 it seems everyone starts frothing at the mouth and there follows a slew of negative feedback. It strike me that a lot of people haven’t played D3 recently and don’t know the difference between a) the D3 skill / passive systems and b) the armory system. The ARE NOT the same thing.

Nobody is asking for the D3 skill / passive system and most think the LE system is about right. What @Ekler and i are asking for is the Armory system which is a VERY good efficient way of having multiple build available after you have spent the time to grind out those builds.

I cannot honestly understand why so many people cannot see how cumbersome it will be when the game goes live with multiplayer. People will want 1) solo farming build 2) solo pushing build 3) group support build 4) group speed build or group dps build etc and the current setup makes it impossible to do other than having multiple characters levelled which is a really dumb way to do things when you have such a simple easy alternative like the D3 Armory system.

So just to re-iterate in case the word D3 has made everyone bash their keyboards at the mention of that heretic word … this is not about the D3 skill / passive system (the LE system for this is perfectly fine) … it is about being able to alternate a single char between builds easily AFTER WE HAVE SPENT THE TIME / EFFORT GRINDING THE DIFFERENT BUILDS OUT

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Despite being an accountant, I do have a sense of humour (it’s just a soul I’m lacking). Though you only posted this a few mins before I woke up. For maximum no-Llama time, try posting around 11pm UK time.

I’ve not actually used the D3 armoury after it was introduced, though I have played the game after it was introduced.

The problem with a build-saving mechanic in LE is with LE’s skill system, as I think I said above, I don’t think it’s a bad idea if it worked like a template & placed your points for you as you levelled. But unless they changed the skill respec penalty, it wouldn’t work to change the skill point allocations.

Yeah, it’s about not wanting to have to grind the skill points back again after you’ve respeced them. Now to be fair, Mike did say that the system might change:

I’m curious as to what happened to the “actual respec item drops” Mike mentions here last year:

This is probably the most expansive post of his on the subject:

I see feedback not allowed if you disagree with it, got you in a nut shell i see.

That’s not my point. I respect your decision as well as your opinion.

But there is no need to take revenge on us because theres some mechanics in this game that stop you from playing. It does not add any quality to your post if you just repead that one message all over the forum.

It seems you got frustrated and are searching for allies to bash on the topics that cause your frustration.


No revenge i only came back to answer a few questions, i am not here to bash the game, i do feel its far to much like poe and punishing but if thats the direction this is going it is on me for not checking better before i bought it… I think the game is a very good game currently, yes a few things rub me the wrong way but thats on me not the devs and when i found out about the death penalties coming that was it for me after the skill resets design…

Well this got longer than i wanted and i understand others enjoy punishing content look at the dark souls genre…

That all said i hope this game does well but if they aim at the hardcore community they only get hardcore customers, that is a double edged sword.

Good luck either way imo.


Personally I think its too early to abandon LE for its current state of skill respec.

It can defenitely not be the goal to drive people off, that don’t agree with design decissions or current gameplay mechanics. Llama already linked some statements that show the devs are open to changes - when they have a clue how they may look like.

So instead of leaving, why not stay and help to find that way of compromise. :slight_smile:

I don’t like the death penalty either. I discussed on that topic and now I am waiting what EHG makes out of it. Is it in my favour? Fine. Is it not? I’ll go on discussing. Actually there is no death penalty beside arena or monolith reset. So there’s no reason for me to leave right now. And even if they implement one, I’ll check out myself if it may become a reason for me to quit.

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