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When will we se Dual wielding in the game?

I really feel the game need this soon, since it will add more options to the game. Like dual wand or Dual swords, I think all classes should have the option to dual wield if they want to. I dont find the current options fun I need more options, we have tryed all combinations by now it would be a fresh option wich will allow new thinking of possibilitys.

I could also see a offhand added to the mage and acolyte instead of a shield.


I would like to see dualwielding weapon too please .

Probably when the class, rogue, gets added since to me I would imagine seeing a rogue dual wield over any of the current character options.

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We are working on new weapon types, dual wielding and new off hand options. No exact timeline on when yet but it is in active development.


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