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What's the point of the 'Lightning Rider' Talent
(picture of the two talents in question Lightning rider and Spellbound Weapon)

Assuming you play with teleport, which I assume everyone but the most masochistic players will, what is the point in the talent, unless there is some interaction between melee lightning damage and mana strike that is unclear.

From what I’ve looked into on either LE wiki and forums posts the interaction/modifier for mana strike should be the same from both Lightning rider and spellbound weapon , sure one has a condition, but with tp on a 4 sec cooldown its basically non existant.
Unless its a noobtrap or just filler talents?

I am not sure to understand your question, but the first passive can stack and the other one can’t.

what you mean can stack? you mean with similar passives? like the blade weaver (x% increased dmg per spell you have cast recently). Can’t see why those wouldn’t stack, and if they don’t they need a tooltip update.

My question is the same, what’s the point of the lightning rider talent, when you get 8% more from Spell bound weapon by just using teleport, which has a 4 second cd.

Lightning Rider’s Effect stacks per melee hit in the “recent” (4 second) time period. So it’s 5% per melee hit. If you have a large number of hits in that timeframe, your lightning damage bonus stacks incredibly high.


ooooh, well that makes it infinitely better than it seems off the bat, though I would prolly change the wording, to express this in the tooltip, like just add a ‘this effect can stack’ at the end or something.

Many cheers though for replying.

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