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What's the point of Fire Tornado?

I am trying out Fire Tornado. It looks very cool but I don’t see the design point of it.

Lightning route is way superior than Fire. Not only Lightning hits hard and far, we can easily increase Lightning damage through passive/mastery.

I don’t see passive that increases Fire damage? And DoT damage effectiveness is only 50% on Fire Tornado?

I don’t hate Fire Tornado. I just don’t understand the design purpose of it except for dealing fire dot which is not even close to Lightning damage.

How should they make it better? Well. In terms of raw damage output, Fire Tornado is not good enough but what if it FOLLOWS the target? That would make it a lot more interesting path don’t you think?

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Switching the base damage to fire allows elemental damage scaling and elemental penetration on the shaman tree and elemental damage leech from the tome of elements, i dont put points in the dot

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