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What type of magic skill would you guys like to see the sorcerer have?

These are some pretty cool ideas actually! And it’s kinda refreshing that they don’t revolve around the 3 elements :smiley: Idk if the devs want to introduce another theme, like this time and space - but it would be interesting.

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So you know how the MMO has Creeping Chilled Ground?
I want something like that, could be a Ice tree you plant and it spreads icy roots around (growing aura/nova effect) that chill/freeze and deal cold DoT.
Kind of like Blizzard Totem but cooler :wink:
EDIT: It could also grow with time and bear fruit after like 3-4 seconds to help with bossing. The fruit could buff allies or damage enemies in a small AoE when they fall.

A 4-6 second cool down skill, with high mana cost which shoots out 14 elemental projectiles from you in a 360 degree radial cast. Starts off basic and mediocre for AoE and single target.

It is with specialisation where the fun begins though.

Offensive path - Three branches in this path - one retains the elemental theme, one is lightning and the other fire. Special nodes that later change the skill mechanic in each branch are exclusive.
Elemental - adds pierce chance, chance for random effect of chill/ignite/jolt on hit and causes the projectiles to return after max range is reached.
Lightning - crit chance + changes the projectiles to piercing chaotic lightning streaks that move somewhat randomly and ends in a massive lightning explosion (compensation for less hits than other variants).
Fire - Homing streaks of fire that trigger a fire explosion when they hit, after one hit they lose homing and continue until max range.

A more defensive Frost line - adding knockback, more projectiles, chance to add AoE chill/freeze explosions on hit.

Although Void Knight has Void Spells, I love the idea of a pure void spellcaster, not a Tank/Melee one.

it’s always refreshing to see Mage classes without the holy trinity (OP Fire/Frost-Cold/Lightning)

I would be very happy to see the Acolyte like a priest class that you can heal others, use your sacred spells and even Heal to damage Void/Undead mobs…

But then you might reply that Paladin has Sacred/Blessed spells…

I prefer to be long-range than Melee.

I am happy to see all of those classes/masteries, but I believe they can add more to the pool.

*Will write down a few spell idea as well when I’ll have more time.


In short you want something like a Vanilla Shadowpriest out of WoW? Someone who uses the “Dark arts” for dmg with only so little healing left.

Paladins can be long range. It’s exactly how I have mine setup.

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I wish I could answer you properly, but… ironically, of all the MMOs I’ve played over the years…

WoW has never enticed me one bit, when I saw the way they made the players sprites… Felt like too kiddy, too rough for me…

So this Shadowpriest… I never saw him in action.

But I will try to answer you with a no. Being able to dish out damage below the mages class glass-cannon that can one-shot. More balanced between Healing and Damage.

I’m a sucker for spell animations.

Rappelz Epic 3 Dark Arrow Spell for instance, that was awesome!! And then Epic 4 came… and gbye Dark Arrow…

My best MMO so far, beyond Korean ones which are grinders… is Final Fantasy XIV.

Sadly I don’t have the time anymore to invest into Shadowbringers… I’m the type to be on top tier so… :disappointed_relieved:

Thunderous Percussion - Conjures a deafening blast of sound in a circle around the cursor. Enemies stricken will see their resistances lowered and potentially stunned. Perhaps specialisations could include a silence effect, increased or modified aoe, damage lowering effects?

I like the Illusion pet build idea for Sorcerer (Teleport has one). The illusion pets use your spells but of course at much less damage or unless you equip a lot of Minion damage. This will give Mage a “pet build” option. It would be fun if the Illusion uses spells when you do.

Another idea is to cast all Massive spells / a Nuke in a chain. Like casting Meteor, Volocano, Glacier spells at once (they must be Specialized). Could be based on cool-down or mana cost. Mana cost probably makes more sense.

I saw an enemy that does Right hand and Left hand double casting. This is a great idea for a Master Sorcerer IMO.

Something like Double or Combo casting for skills like Lightning Strike, Fireball, Ice Barrage. One hand cast Lightning and one hand cast Fireball!

A skill that allows you to cast your Skill Slot 1 and 2 or even 3 in that order. This will be a great way to compliment Dragon Mage passive.

Combo casting can be a quick cast of Skill 1, 2 and 3. Blackhole, Meteor, Glacier to keep them in place. Players can choose how they want the order to be effective and fun.

So this Double Casting skill of course comes with costs. More mana cost. A bit less damage. Or make it even more interesting that Sorcerer cast something different when certain Combos are used?

I’ve been fond of Frozen orb from Diablo 3, but their implementation of the skill left it unused throughout its life. Like tossing a frozen orb that rotates and does massive AoE damage with a hefty amount of single target damage, while offering a slow effect to mobs.


Oct 2

I like the Illusion pet build idea for Sorcerer (Teleport has one). The illusion pets use your spells but of course at much less damage or unless you equip a lot of Minion damage. This will give Mage a “pet build” option. It would be fun if the Illusion uses spells when you do.

I like this idea too.

What if the illusion could also damage you, so it’s a bit riskier to summon? This would allow the skill to specialise a lot of ways:

  • The illusion cannot move, and taunts enemies, but can hit you and explodes when killed dealing damage to monsters and you. This acts as a defensive damage dealing skill that forces you to kite a lot, so would reduce castability for other skills.

  • The illusion lasts longer, but deals less damage, which would allow sorcerers who stack CDR or cast speed to summon more illusion pets. The high mana costs would make such builds unable to be tanky, as it would need a lot of investment in gear and passives to cast regularly. This would sort of reward regen style builds as you’d have a lot of your own minions hitting you regularly for small amounts, but a much larger amount of hits on enemies.

  • The illusion casts more illusions - so the spell’s damage has a ramp up time, similar to poison or bleed, culminating in a power spike just before all the illusions dissipate at once.

  • The illusion alternates between attacking enemies and attacking you. Say 3 seconds of enemies then a blast at you for 1 second. So the timing of the cast can get you killed if a mob swarms you at the same time as the blast. Sorcerers can cast a reflective shield by remaining stationary. The shield reflects all the damage of the illusion away from you toward monsters, but amplifies monster damage, so casting it forces you to remain still, and if monsters are around they get buffed.

  • The skill can specialise with an active ability (like companions). The active ability morphs nearby allies unpredictably, giving either attack speed, cast speed, increased, decreased size, changing damage type, chance to chill, etc. Making the illusion skill an option for sorcerers to have more impact on party play than just being damage dealers.

Time freeze is a good idear, but insteed of dot or 150% I feel less damage is more suitable because it is save during the freeze.
So more like: % damage when freeze stop

Transmuatation is always cool, but not as sheep is already taken :wink:

I like illusion, but teleport already give that.

Some other type of defensive shield? We already have mana shield as passive, fire shield ice ward, and now static for spellblade but for pure mage there is less defensive valid option.

I would love a pet (elemental or other), but not directly an offensive one (as the only pet, it will scale badly). So, with the tree, give differents options like:

  • Reproduice your spell at % damage
  • When you have to die, it explode and restore some live to you insteed
    others think like that, that will be awesome

Hydra ! :stuck_out_tongue:

A lightning skill that lift the caster up into the air and make him move sowly over the terrain while he’s deals dmg to enemys close by and calls down lightnings on his foes. Uses all mana and for every 100 mana spend the skills prolongs 1 sec. Just something flashy that looks nice and deals a lot of dmg, some kind of “ultimate” skill so to speak.

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