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What type of magic skill would you guys like to see the sorcerer have?



[quote quote=5097]I think it would be greate if you could get a bonus system for you´re spell rotation. For example: If target was hit by fire damage recently, the next cold skill you use will do extra damage. If target was hit by cold damage recently, the next lightning skill you use will crit. If target was hit by lightning damage recently, the next earth skill you use will stun target. If target was hit by earth damage recently the next fire damage skill you use will ignite the target. And if you complete rotation of all 4 elements without braking the chain you gain bonus for xx seconds, for example faster cast rate, faster mana regeneration or armor.[/quote] This is a nice idea and improved damage factors integration!



We are in the process of removing the boards for the mastery classes.

I’ve moved this thread from Sorcerer to Mage as a courtesy.


For Rune Master:
Glyph of Heorot - Places a Glyph on the ground which causes initial cold hit when step in and damage over time when staying in glyph’s area. On end of its duration Glyph explodes causing AoE Damage.
branches in tree:

  • increase initial hit with some freeze on it
  • increase DoT
  • increase AoE Damage

Design is to make rather versatile cold focused skill.