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What type of magic skill would you guys like to see the sorcerer have?



We’re looking for suggestions for a unique skill that’s never been seen before for the Sorcerer’s toolkit. If anyone has any suggestions we would love to hear them!


An echo spell, that repeats what was cast… (get it?)


The ability to become invurnerable for a couple of seconds, but also become stunned by surrounding himself by a block of ice. Or something else like that. That’s always a cool mechanic! :slight_smile:


An ability that stops time in an area for your enemies, when you and your party deals damage to said monsters they don’t take that damage right away; instead once the ability ends the monster(s) take 150% of the damage received as a damage over time effect.

You could also have the ability slowly ramp up to do more damage as time catches up to the time frozen creature(s).


My idea, don’t know if it’s feasible : a spell (single target) that would make time speed up incredibly fast, thus ageing the monster , effectively slowering (less move and attack speed) and weakening it ( less life, less damage). You could also make it work great vs. many enemy types (e.g. humans, animals) , but not work/be not as good vs. other types (e.g. ghosts, demons). It would have a fixed duration, than expire. Could be helpful vs. a powerful single enemy and also vs. many, separating them into two or more groups…

Also Bosses/Heroic monsters would have a higher resistance (on top of their base one), so that the spell would have less of an impact.

[Since you’re familiar with PoE, would be a bit like TempChains+Enfeeble,but single target]


<span lang=“en”>If I think about a magician, the skills associated with “mana” always come to my mind.defensive: mana shield - some of the injuries will end up with mana.offensive: mana xxxxx - I reserve some mana, but gives more damage insteadsomething in this pattern</span>


Funnel Cloud

Nuke. Large cooldown, massive resource cost.

Create an Area of Effect. For 5 seconds, enemies within it will have their movement speed reduced and will take [small number] damage, and [small number] damage for each second the AoE has existed. When it expires, enemies in the AoE will take [big number] damage. Surviving enemies are Frozen in place, and made Immune to all damage for 5 seconds.

The idea behind the skill is that it’s a finisher - but if an enemy survives, you get punished for your misplay by not being able to kill them for several seconds afterwards - which in an ARPG would likely mean simply moving on and sparing them. It’s intentionally an awkward design where you want to maximize the damage dealt by the skill, but casting it too soon can backfire.


Telekinesis - would love to have that force blast/ragdoll effect on my enemies.

Also, using magic as an element (ie magic blast, magic missle, basically an super cool effect with purple or green colors)

Transmogrify - change your enemy into a lesser beast/creature for a short bit of time.





Elemental bolt. Deals fire, lightning, cold damage. On hit has a chance to split into (x) amount of shards hitting further enemies. Passive skill tree could increase the number of shards, make the bolt pierce through enemies, slow, stun, etc.


Frost core. You target an enemy and freeze them to the to the core and they start freezing all the enemies around them and after 3 seconds they all become frozen and if you hit one of them with a fire spell they explode in damage around them because of the temperature change but if you hit them with a lightning skill it bounces between them all. Just a thought.


This is a really cool idea!

Some of what you suggest could be exciting parts of the skill’s specialisation tree.


Conceirge: You summon an elemental imp (determined by spell specialization) who auto-loots, and/or provides a minor buff. Mana cost is returned upon termination of spell’s maintenance.


How about a spell where you shoot out an elemental projectile that pierces and changes element with each enemy it goes through/to the element it’s weakest to, then locks the element and slingshots back towards where you cast it from?


I would like to see an Elemental Razor Disk, think something like Krillins Destructo Disk. Except the disk would be thrown forward on an arc and return to the caster, if you move it will follow through to where you currently are.

You could add augments to the ability, instead of 1 it casts 3 just short of each other so the spread is wider.

You could change the concept of the disk coming back and instead spawn say 12 around you in a circle and they fire in all directions in a straight line or loop the loop shape but do not return.

You could combine Coopaer’s idea in that it changes elemental types.

You could make it move slower but the further it moves the larger it grows, once it reaches max range split into many small ones on different angles and all return to the caster. Granting say 1% of max life as ward per enemy hit.


An echo spell, that repeats what was cast… (get it?)


I’d like to see some form of buff to improve AoE or cast speed, that’d be a nice thing to have for a Sorc.


a water DOT that remove water from the target until it die, ground to dust.


I think it would be greate if you could get a bonus system for you´re spell rotation.

For example:

If target was hit by fire damage recently, the next cold skill you use will do extra damage.

If target was hit by cold damage recently, the next lightning skill you use will crit.

If target was hit by lightning damage recently, the next earth skill you use will stun target.

If target was hit by earth damage recently the next fire damage skill you use will ignite the target.

And if you complete rotation of all 4 elements without braking the chain you gain bonus for xx seconds, for example faster cast rate, faster mana regeneration or armor.


[color=Crimson]Chr[/color][color=Blue]oma[/color][color=Yellow]tic[/color] Ray
Channel, Beam (single target), Collider
Cost: 3% max mana/sec increased by 1% max mana per second
Deals x Fire, x Cold, x Lightning damage per second and slightly knocks targets back, immobilizes the Sorceror while channeling.


[color=Crimson]Skill Tree Branch 1 (Fire)[/color]

  • Fire leaf 1 (3/3): Increases fire damage component by 25%/50%/75%.
  • Fire leaf 2 (1/1): If a monster is resistant to Lightning damage, Chromatic Ray's lightning damage deals Fire damage instead.
  • Fire leaf 3 (1/1): If a monster is resistant to Cold damage, Chromatic Ray's cold damage deals Fire damage instead.
  • Fire leaf 4 (5/5): Causes Chromatic Ray to ignite monsters that flare up to spread a fire DoT effect. Each point increases range of DoT spreading and damage of the DoT.
  • Fire leaf 5 (5/5): The fire component of Chromatic Ray pierces targets.
[color=Goldenrod]Skill Tree Branch 2 (Cold & Lightning)[/color]
  • CL leaf 1 (3/3): Increases cold slowing effect of Chromatic Ray by 20/35/50%.
  • CL leaf 2 (3/3): Channeling Chromatic Ray causes 1 lightning strike to hit monsters within 3/4/5 meters, dealing Y damage and stunning them for 1 second every 3/2/1 seconds.
  • CL leaf 3 (1/1): Upon initially casting Chromatic Ray, it causes an area knockback of 10 meters that deals Z lightning damage.
  • CL leaf 4 (5/5): If a monster is resistant to fire damage, the fire damage component of Chromatic Ray causes 20/40/60/80/100% additional cold and lightning damage. This doesn't replace the fire damage.
  • CL leaf 5 (3/3): Replaces the fire damage component with 25/50/75% lightning and 25/50/75% cold damage. Fire resistant monsters still take extra damage based on CL leaf 4's bonus.
[color=Mediumorchid]Skill Tree Branch 3 (Harmony)[/color]
  • H leaf 1 (1/1): Each second of channeling Chromatic Ray also causes it to deal 2% more damage.
  • H leaf 2 (5/5): Reduces the initial mana cost of Chromatic Ray by 20/40/60/80/100%.
  • H leaf 3 (3/3): Caps off the maximum cost of Chromatic Ray to 7/6/5% maximum mana per second.
  • H leaf 4 (5/5): Causes Chromatic Ray to split off an additional ray that deals 10/20/30/40/50/60% of the original ray towards the nearest monster every 6/5/4/3/2 seconds. Extra rays disappear upon killing their target.
  • H leaf 5 (3/3) Allows the Sorceror to move at 25/50/75% speed while channeling Chromatic Ray.



Spell, Instant, Piercing, Area

Cost: 12% max mana

Conjures forth a wave of water that deals x cold damage. The wave spreads out, dealing more damage to enemies closer by but becoming broader as it travels further.


[color=red]Skill Tree Branch 1 (Lava)[/color]

Lava leaf 1 (1/1): Changes all the damage of Tsunami to fire, and causes it to ignite foes it passes over.

Lava leaf 2 (5/5): Causes Tsunami to leave behind molten ground for up to 1/2/3/4/5 seconds that deals 10/20/30/40/50% of the original wave’s damage over 3 seconds.

Lava leaf 3 (3/3): Increases the mana cost of Tsunami by 5/7/9% maximum mana but causes it to deal 80/160/240% additional damage.

Lava leaf 4 (5/5): (requires leaf 2): Monsters who pass over molten ground from Tsunami have a 20/40/60/80/100% chance to be rooted in place for 0,5/1/1,5/2/2,5 seconds.

Lava leaf 5 (1/1): Tsunami becomes three times are large and deals twice the damage, but costs three times more mana and now has a cooldown of 6 seconds.


[color=Cyan]Skill Tree Branch 2 (Pulse)[/color]

Pulse leaf 1 (1/1): Causes Tsunami to also deal 50% lightning damage, but halves the area it strikes.

Pulse leaf 2 ( 5/5): Successive casts of Tsunami cost 1% less maximum mana per cast if cast within 3 seconds, stacking up to 3/5/7/9/11% reduction.

Pulse leaf 3 (3/3): Decreases the spread of Tsunami by 20/40/60%, allowing it to retain more of its damage as it travels further.

Pulse leaf 4 (1/1): Tsunami has a 25% chance to knockdown targets.

Pulse leaf 5 (5/5): Casting Tsunami has a 5/10/15/20/25% chance to cast a second identical Tsunami after a 1 second delay.


[color=Olive]Skill Tree Branch 3 (Gravitational)[/color]

Grav leaf 1 (1/1): Tsunami slows down all monsters struck by 75% for 1 second. This becomes less effective as Tsunami travels further away, but can benefit from Pulse leaf 3 bonuses to retain the slow.

Grav leaf 2 (3/3): Tsunami will form a z Ward around the Sorceror for every y targets it strikes.

Grav leaf 3 (1/1): Monsters have a 7% chance to be dragged along with Tsunami to its maximum range.

Grav leaf 4 (5/5): Allies and minions are healed for 1/2/3/4/5% of their current missing health if they are in a Tsunami.

Grav leaf 5 (1/1): Slows down Tsunami’s travel speed to by 60%, allowing the Sorceror to heal himself with his own Tsunami and use them as a protective area to fight in.