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What to pick instead of lightning blast?

I have a lot of fun playing with my mage, i use teleport, focus, flame ward, elemental nova and lightning blast. I never use my lightning lightning blast though and hardly use my flame ward, is there something better i can swap those 2 out with, that synergize better with the other 3 skills? tp, focus and nova is very fun i dont want to swap those out. thanks in advance hehe

you could just get the other shields, if you’re not looking for more damage and ele nova is enough. Those shields can increase damage too, with skill specs, and provide defences. Flame ward is still pretty strong though and should serve you well in end-game, for a burst of defence.

I like black hole as a CC skill. It even pulls in bosses. Has a long CD, but very usable if you like that sort of thing.

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Devouring Orb.

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i cant see devouring orb anyway in my passive skills or my skills. are you sure that is possible as a mage? dont you have to unlock something else?

Devouring Orb is a Void Knight skill. But, what would you intend to use for single target DPS or boss killing if you drop Lightning Blast? Elemental Nova is not going to be very efficient and will require you to be much closer to the boss. It’s understandable that you don’t use it much during the campaign, even against bosses in the campaign. But, you will face off against much harder bosses in the Monolith of Fate down the road and will probably want a ranged attack (even if its not Lightning Blast). What primary element do you use for your Elemental Nova? You probably want to synch that up with your range attack.

Hi its just a mage i have, in this case, so i dont think i can get the devouring orb, although i know its powerful. for the nova i have the hat that makes it a ranged attack. I still feel like i need something a bit better for killing bosses, i will try the black hole, like the other guy suggested. but i am open for other mage suggestions, to fill out the last 2 spots. i just know i will keep teleport, clarity and nova


If you have the Ashen Crown unique helm you can cast ele nova at your cursor.

yeah correct, thats the one i have, its amazing

my black hole skill “almost sounds wrong” is already lvl 15, its super good, thanks for the suggestion. i love the long cooldown on it. so i can mix it with nova

Right, but would you really suggest him sticking with Ashen Crown as an end build helm slot? Seems more like a gimmicky item pre-MoF, unless you’re getting trucked by physical damage and happen to have an abundance of fire resist. Plus, it doesn’t really solve Elemental Nova’s inefficiency as a single target DPS skill.

Sticking with? I don’t know, giving a punt and seeing how it goes? Certainly. If you can get a good roll on the phys to fire conversion that would probably allow you to pretty much ignore armour. Plus being able to cast a decent aoe anywhere on screen isn’t a small thing.

So taking a slightly different approach to your question, I’m using this build and basically it uses Static to synergize your already-pumped up Lightning Blast skill without having to actually cast it. I also like that it lets you incorporate different play styles on the fly while also letting those different skills complement each other.