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What is the most important ingredient in a sandwhich?

Polling to solve a quarrel.




I mean it’s not a sandwich if there’s no bread

But it’s also not a sandwich if there’s no filling, it’s just 2 slices of bread. I’d say both the filling and the bread are equally important.

Looks like someone played to much Wildstar ^^. Sooo because I don’t want the little green men to kill me I’d go with… BACON!

What about club sandwiches? They have 3 slices of bread…what’s the break point for bread v filling ratio?

Assuming that the bread:filling ratio is a dimensionless number, I believe that it could be calculated by looking at other values of the comestible. For example, I would posit that it is proportional to the pretentiousness of both the creator & the consumer as well as being proportional to the BMI of the consumer (thereby allowing for the cough “heavier” countries having more filling per unit bread).

I would humbly put forth that more research is required to determine a formula for the ideal breakpoint for the bread:filling ration & will therefore put together a research proposal for the Anglo-Russian Sandwich Experimentation HOListic Executive Senate who control the funding for such research.


And not the “Light” stuff. I need the full fat clog up your arteries type.

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Ah, a man of culture. Condiment was one of the top answers in my friend group, personally I believe the presence or lack of pickles is the determining factor. A sandwich without pickles is not a sandwich to me.

I’m quite fond of Gentleman’s Relish myself. Mmmmm, salty goodness.

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well played :slight_smile:

whats the consensus on toasties? is that a sandwich or a cooked snack?
and what about an open sandwich or those posh “deconstructed” ones?

It’s a cooked sandwich. Ideally made with frozen Mars bars (cut into thin slices).

are you sure about that?

once you toast the bread its no longer bread per se its now, well, toast. so if bread is a requirement, and to quote @stormquake here “…It’s not a sandwich if there’s no bread” then a toastie must be something other than a cooked sandwich.

Yes, because English, that sainted language of Shakespeare, permits, nay, requires us to be inconsistent. If only to piss off the French. And that’s well worth the price of admission.

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but my point here, which is scientifically backed is that the chemical composition of toast is different to bread thanks to the Maillard reaction.

The series of reactions whereby Carbon molecules in the bread sugars and starches react with amino acids of the bread proteins produces many chemical compounds that create not just the brown color, but also the complex flavor we associate with toast and other roasted foods.

So toast isn’t bread and cant be a sandwich

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The hotdog. :slightly_smiling_face:

I would still point to the English language’s ability to call a thing a thing even when it’s not a thing (linguistic reasons for calling it a toasted sandwich even if toast != bread). Plus, it was a sandwich before it got toasted.

Where would you draw the line between flying cars & airplanes?

The ground is where I’d draw the line for that one. As far as I’m aware flying cars don’t exist.

Back on topic though… Sausages are a good filling choice but a hot dog isn’t a sandwich. That’s a roll or bun.

I watched a car fly off a cliff once in a movie. It defintely flew. Didnt land very well though.