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What I dislike in PoE


Looks like you never tried any creative PoE builds. Last time I played I had 3 characters:

  • Avatar of Fire Melee Totems (this one relatively straightforward)
  • Baron Necromancer (this requires you to gather 1200 strength along with minion nodes, and I ended up using Brawn jewels, Blood Magic, Brutality, and a cheap aura like level 1 mana regen just to trigger some bonuses on my minions)
  • Flat lightning damage Lightning Arrow/Barrage totems. Now this was something. All my base damage was from items that add flat lightning damage, including those static electricity jewels. Most bow nodes were useless, since they scaled physical damage. Between planting totems, I was plinking away with multishot Frenzy with double curse on hit. I was so amused by the build I spent like 15 exalts on it (barrage helm, sun flask, etc), though I barely managed to kill Shaper with it.

What drives me mad about playing PoE is probably my own perfectionism. Once I was through initial learning stage, I strated to really crave for loot, currency, and those sweet league prizes. But I just couldn’t stop, I wanted the best tier rewards.
As a result I have 2 completed totems (Talisman and Harbinger) in my hideout. But this experience was so taxing on my nerves I lost my will to play PoE further.


I’ve done my fair share of interesting path of exile builds, and usually try to go against whatever the meta is during a current league.

Some notable build examples were my EO SoS Cremation build, my flat lightning scaling Shrapnel Shot Traps Deadeye, my Shock Nova CwC Lightning Tendrils Inquisitor, and my Ignite Proliferation Infernal Blow 2h Mace Elementalist.

At the end of the day, however, the gameplay still boiled down to one-shotting everything or being one-shot myself, so despite the vastly different mechanics of the skills, all the gameplay began to feel the same. Even Uber Elder, which I once struggled with immensely, is just something I sweep away nowadays due to the insane damage on every build.

I think that’s why I prefer builds in this game and Grim Dawn. When monsters aren’t instantly deleted and when AoE doesn’t consume the screen, you begin to appreciate the tradeoffs and mechanics of each individual skill.