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What does bone curse aura do?

Tested yesterday. Does not proc mfd, it doesnt even proc the slow trait that was a pre req of it. Im guessing it woulndnt proc rip blood or bone spike because technically it never ends? So what good is this nide for then?

Was interesting to go and pair this with AoD

It can proc Rip Blood if you move so that the mobs (or minions if you take that node) are not in the aura for the duration of the curse (don’t forget the nodes behind it that reduce the duration of the curse). I did a build like that with both Wraiths & Skellies & it was a bit janky to say the least…

IMO, it’s there for you to be able to get into melee range & not need to cast Bone Curse for the duration of the fight.

i get what you are saying, but mfd doesnt even proc on it. i was wondering what procs? maybe freeze? that would be nice.

so in theory since the aura pulses (does it?) so maybe getting all dmg modifiers for a damaging aura?

I’m not sure I’d say it pulses, but it does reapply the curse to everything in it’s AoE several times a second.

Edit: you could get the node that shorten’s the number of hits to 4s (since it’ll be reapplied way faster than that), then pick up as many other damage modifiers that you can. Brittle Bones is awesome though.

ill try later. are we in general consensus that it only procs damage modifiers and not anything else?

also how do bc do damage? on initial cast?

man imagine pairing this with AoD and do a harvest build

Bone curse only does damage when you or your minions hit the cursed mob. If you hit the mob then the damage from bone curse is 3x the damage the mob would take if your minions hit it.

i see thanks. so the aura makes them cursed all the time correct? and so the tree modifiers for damage, what do they do? modifiers for you when you hit afflicted mobs?

Yes, the aura reapplies the curse in the AoE every ~0.1s or so. The damage modifiers increase the damage the curse does when you hit the mob.