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What do you like to listen to

I was getting set up to level my mage. As I was clicking on some easy listening Celtic Instrumental Music to mellow out from a hot stressful day, I thought to my self. “I wonder what other folks like to listen to while farming, grinding levels, and playing games in general?”
My go-to mellow music is Instrumental Celtic, it helps me when I need to just chill out and to clear my head of the daily clutter. A lot of times I just watch whatever is next on my youtube feed, but that can be very distracting and I don’t get much done in-game. While driving in my truck I listen to the local rock station and sometimes switch to the country station. My goto on Pandora is 70-90’s rock.
Anyway, that is what I like to listen to. How about you?

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I have a variety of music tastes that i like to listen, more depending on the mood i am in.

So to start, being a manchester boy born and bred the stone roses are the top of my list, if you dont know them look them up, songs sally cinnamon, ten storey love song & i am the resurrection, amongst my favourites.

Classical, i also love to listen to, Katherine Jenkins, Ludovico Einaudi & Elgar, Elgar because my cousin was killed serving in Afghhanistan in 2007, and he was brought in at his funeral to Nimrod.

Rap, well my favourie who i have seen live 3 times, jay-z 1 in america twice in manchester, and also the lyrical genius that is eminiem, i could go on about pac biggie nas snoop, but we all know those, and a fan of the rap genre likes those artists.

pop music have no favourite as its such a broad variety of artists.

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I first want to say I’m sorry to hear about your cousin. Thank you for sharing this.

I know you mean Manchester in England, but I chuckle a little because there is a Manchester, Tennessee USA as well :smiley: It is only about an hour and a half from where I live.

May rap days go back to the '80s with groups like Whodini, Run DMC, Beastie Boys, The Fat Boys, and 2 Live Crew :sunglasses: WoW that takes me back to my Junior High school days, nostalgia.

Thanks again for sharing.

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Coldplay instrumental.

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I generally listen to Metal and Punk, occasionally to some (hard)rock.
(To give you guys some example, in case you are interested, since this is not the most accessable “mainstream music” everybody knows, some of my favorite bands are: Dr. Living Dead, Lich King, Suicidal Tendencies, Rancid, Unleash The Archers)

But while gaming i rarely listen to music and if i do so, i just listen to stuff that i already know in and out by heart, because i am not a big believer of this “music in the background” stuff.

Music is art and it should get the attention it deserves.


Oh i could go so far back to when i started listening rap also, The old street sound/electro albums, featuring grandmaster flash, roxanne shante, 2 live crew, masters of ceremony, spoonie gee, kid n play the list goes on, some younger people wont know who these are though lol

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Metal, metalcore, deathcore. Technical/thrash/melodic death metal. Bands like Inferi, Conducting From the Grave, Killswitch, Jonin, Opeth, Lamb of God, Gojira, Infant Annihilator. Then ofc, rock greats I grew up on like Metallica, Pantera, etc.

I also like indie/punkish stuff like early Thrice, Arctic Monkeys, early Green Day, The Devil Makes Three, All Them Witches, etc.

Occassionally I’ll dip into edm or rap with a heavy beat/profound lyrics or both. Flux Pavillion, Immortal Technique, Infected Mushroom.

Country can stay in it’s corner. Rarely do I find a western tune I can stand. Most other things I can find something I like if social situations dictate it so.

EDIT: Holy crap I just listened to Unleash the Archers. Sick!


I listen to a variety of stuff. Metal (many sub-genres), Orchestral (classical and soundtrack). My Irish/Scottish heritage insists I listen to anything that has an influence there (from celtic contemporary to bluegrass and everything in between.)

Yes, this band is great. Apex is one of my all time favorite albums and I’ve been listening to Metal since the mid 70s. Also, UtA has a special place for me as I licensed their song “Apex” for use in the soundtrack of my first feature film. :smiley:


I assume you did listen to it because i named them for people that were curios? IF so, i am glad to introduce people to new exciting music :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah I checked on your recommendation my dude. I think I had skipped over them before assuming they were bog-standard power metal or something. Thanks!


Well, there is sooooo much music out there, that is easily accessable in todays digital age. It’s hard to keep track or discover new stuff that is really outstanding.

The recent stuff they put out is just on another level, especially the last album (Apex) and the new upcoming album (Abyss), which is a follow up concept album of the previous album(Apex), which also is a concept album.

Maybe you have heard some of their olderstuff, which musically is still very good, but the first few albums were all self-produced with very little promotion. There are still some gems on there, but you cann feel that the overall “quality” is not on par with the recent stuff.

My favorite album of theirs is “Demons of the AstroWaste” which has my all time favorite song of them (General of the dark army), that song evne has some self-shot music video which is (almost) kinda cringy, but they do what they love and it’sawesome.

Check that album out if you want and i just can advise you if you have any interest in that kind of music to check out the latest Album (Apex) and listen to it in it’s entirety(in correct song order), with lyrics. True art concealed within music, that kinda reminds you at a epic fantasy book.

They also just released the first song of the upcoming album(out 21. Aug.), which continues the story from Apex.

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While I listened to trance for a long time in my youth there was the time the new rock/metal came to live. I bought the very first Guano Apes album. Then in school somebody gave me a Limp Bizkit album with the words “It’s similar to Guano Apes”. Well… it wasn’t. But I loved it.

So I converted to metal side of life. Disturbed, Linkin Park, Godsmack, Staind, Boy Hits Car…

Sometimes I really need that bang with bands like I Prevail (I really love their last album Trauma) or Devil You Know or Spineshank. But I also love some slower paced music like 10 Years. I like Biffy Clyro and Alter Bridge. Five Finger Death Punch. Subway To Sally.

I just can’t say it’s a specific sub genre that fits my taste. It has to be kind of special (riffs, melodies, voices). I like it when the bass drum kicks in really heavy and the guitars are fat.

Oh… and love bands that mix rap with rock/metal.


The Antwoord!

Everybody who does not know this combo - check it out. I recommend watching their vids on youtube. It’s defenitely special. :pinching_hand:

Oh… and I am with @Heavy. Don’t hear any of my favourite music while playing. This music’s wants to be heared on max volume. It’s nothing for the background. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


İ like listen any type of music but ı listening specialy extratone and neurofunk

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That’s generally how I consume new music. I’ll listen to a “teaser” via most current release, then jump back to either earliest ep stuff or first full release. Yeah, production is more raw on their earlier stuff as you say - but a lot of times that lends to the purity/ferocity of a metal album, and their first two so far do not dissapoint.

Eh, after I get cozy with a game - arpgs especially, I’ll throw on some jams while playing. My guitar amp has 2x10 100w emulated stereo out and roars like a full cab so ofc I crank that thing.

Do you guys have spotify/amazon or similar?

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I have almost all of my music on a physical medium, be it LP or CD. Even though i am not that “old” i still have the collector mentality when it comes to music. Especially LP’s of my favorite bands i do use as “decoration”.
Have all of my music stored and backed-up on an external harddrive.

But i still use Youtube Music as a streaming service, because i own and listen to soooooo much music, that it’s impractical for mobile use. Thats were the streaming services really shine for me.
On top of that the artist get extra money from me, because i own their music and still stream it.

Youtube Music is fairly new but it did really impress me.
Not a big fan of spotify, especially with their business model, but that’s a topic for another day.

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Been meaning to take a look at youtube music. Already do most of my music discovery on yt anyway. Spotify/amazon when on the go.

I own most of my favorites on cd or digital at least, and go to shows when (rarely) in my area. Most of my entertainment budget goes towards games/hardware but I’ve always wanted to get into vinyl too.

Shoot me a msg later on if ya want and we’ll trade more bands.

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Search for this on YT:

Chimp Spanner- Aurora DEMO TRACK 2014

I’ve been digging that guy for a long time.

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I grew up with country music like Hank Williams Sr., Hank Jr., David Allen Coe and many others. This was mostly my dad’s type of music and my mom was more easy listening and soft rock. Country music can be an acquired taste that many don’t like. I respect you stance. I’ll have to listen to some of the names you listed. I did listen to Metallica, Pantera, Judist Priest, Iron Maiden and others during my high school days, and continue to do so from time to time.
Thank you for sharing.

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İf you want something to background try Old School Dungeon Synth i advice you Old Tower-Rise of the Spectre you will be like it im sure :slight_smile:


That’s actually country music. The stuff that’s out today resembles Country Pop too much for my tastes. Johnny Cash. Loretta Lynn, HW Sr., Patsy Cline. That’s good country music. :smiley:

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