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What class is everyone playing now?

What class is most user friendly to do monolith runs and arena? I’ve tried several classes and specs. Just seeing what everyone was enjoying and having success with?

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Primalist looks pretty cool. You can try either shaman or druid.

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All classes and specializations look interesting and worth delving into, but all in good time.
For the time being, I’m preoccupied with Acolyte. Trying different builds and skill specs. Every day I have new ideas and insights, and find/craft better gear. I feel that I’m definitely having progress. My record on arena is wave 150 so far, and I feel that 200 is within reach.


Ditto: Right now I’m playing & specializing in two classes, Acolyte & Sentinel, and having a fun time. I haven’t yet entered the arena until I feel comfortable with my confidence level. Happy gaming Gladiators! Btw, how do we access the Arena? :thinking:

I’ve been doing a lot of Acolyte builds, namely Summon Skeletons and Aura of Decay, although I’ll be trying Sentinel when Rebuke is fixed!

I got to Wave 120 on my AoD build today, and only died because I made a positioning mistake right when a lag spike happened. With more practice and a couple gear upgrades, I think I could hit 200! I am unsure if AoD is user-friendly though as it requires a lot of health regen and toggle management.

I’m really enjoying the Acolyte/Necromancer! So much fun!

Using Golem, skeletons, spamming Summon Wraith and Hungering Souls. It’s a very active and fun play style that I’m really enjoying so far.

I am having a lot of fun with Primalist/Beastmaster. Just hit level 37 and put my 20th point into Beastmaster becoming a TRUE Beast-Master! (Then my game crashed so I came here. Not sure if it was a random bug or if the servers are down. First time my game has crashed in all my time playing.)

I’m doing a build with 3 wolves, 1 scorpion, and Serpent Strike plus the Serpent you can summon with it. So 5 permanent pets. Plus I get 6 poison vines each time I Leap Slam – erm, “Fury Leap” – because 100% chance to summon before and after. And I have the Arboreal Circuit, which seems extremely OP as the tree it summons seems to have taunt and draw minions from far and wide to attack it lol.

At 34 I unlocked the 4th ability tree slot but nothing to put there as Scorpions sadly don’t have a tree yet. :frowning: Looking forward to learning the taunt skill in the Beastmaster tree. I’m also close to getting another companion and might throw in the bear.

I tried out Acolyte a bit, but I don’t like many of their abilities. I was hoping for some good AOE ranged options but I just think “meh” when I look at the skills. Maybe I need to wait on Warlock. That said, it looks like I can have an army of Skeleton Archers. In PoE, I have a Skeleton Archer build…I’m one of those weird people that saw that Unearth creates Skeleton Archer corpses and was like “yup, that’s what I’m using Summon Spectre on” even though it sucks. xD (it’s not so bad though, and it’s fun) But anyway that skill that makes mobs take more damage might be fun to use as in PoE I used a curse build with my Skeleton Archer build. I just think Warlock is more my cup of tea because I’m not into minion sacrifice, corpse explosion, or my own health sacrifice type of strategies that Necormancer and Lich both seem to focus on.

Also not sure if I’d like Shaman or Druid, with some sort of Atunement/Totem/Spriggan build because it seems as though you’re intended to tank for your minions to do ranged damage as either a Shaman or Druid, and I would rather my minions tank with me supporting from range (like I do in PoE, per my Skeleton Archer build that also includes Zombies…that tank). Beastmaster is fun because I have a spear so I don’t mind getting in there and I can step back and let them tank if I want to anyway (my wolves and scorpion are so much tankier than me) but totems and spriggans are ranged, so meh.

Sorry for wall of text. xD I love this game. lol

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