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What class is everyone playing now?


What class is most user friendly to do monolith runs and arena? I’ve tried several classes and specs. Just seeing what everyone was enjoying and having success with?


Primalist looks pretty cool. You can try either shaman or druid.


All classes and specializations look interesting and worth delving into, but all in good time.
For the time being, I’m preoccupied with Acolyte. Trying different builds and skill specs. Every day I have new ideas and insights, and find/craft better gear. I feel that I’m definitely having progress. My record on arena is wave 150 so far, and I feel that 200 is within reach.


Ditto: Right now I’m playing & specializing in two classes, Acolyte & Sentinel, and having a fun time. I haven’t yet entered the arena until I feel comfortable with my confidence level. Happy gaming Gladiators! Btw, how do we access the Arena? :thinking:


I’ve been doing a lot of Acolyte builds, namely Summon Skeletons and Aura of Decay, although I’ll be trying Sentinel when Rebuke is fixed!

I got to Wave 120 on my AoD build today, and only died because I made a positioning mistake right when a lag spike happened. With more practice and a couple gear upgrades, I think I could hit 200! I am unsure if AoD is user-friendly though as it requires a lot of health regen and toggle management.