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What causes the shop to restock items?

It seems to be based on time (like every 10 minutes) but maybe 10 minutes of active time? I don’t know. I also don’t agree with or like it, but meh. It’s better than going back through 10 acts every single item to look at shops. :stuck_out_tongue:

It restocks automatically every 10 minutes if you do not open the shop.

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Thought so. I don’t like the mechanic because it makes you want to check shop every 10 minutes while afk, and people can search for what they need without farming. But meh.

10 Minutes afk is not a problem in the slightest…not to mention there is no guarantee someone ‘farming’ this way will find what they want, while a person running through 300+ mobs in that same period of time most certainly will…

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