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What are the class genders?


I read in the FAQ that character classes are gender locked. I greatly dislike this, and know others may as well. As personal preference I tend to only play male characters. Since it’s already been stated that this is fixed, I’d like to know which classes are male/female. Anyone know? Thanks!


Rogue: Female
Primalist: Male
Knight: Female
Mage: Male
Acolyte: Female


I know it is not planned for the future but a basic character creation would be huge in my opinion.


Male/Female toggle is about as far as I would think it would need to go. This isn’t an MMO where physical differentiation between the other 50 people standing around you is important. But being able to at least identify with your character’s gender would add to any type of immersion the devs are hoping to achieve.


I would counter that being able to change something as fundamental about your character as gender detracts from character identity. As a player, you obviously control your character but each class has their own backstory and identity. Player characters can be more of a “blank slate”, or have their own traits, and we’re working towards the latter.

Arguably the bigger problem is that adding the option for classes to be male or female would require basically twice the amount of modelling and animation work. Instead of 5 character models, we would need 10, and then we need armor that fits each, and to fully animate 10 characters.


Oh, I understand the extra work involved. Which is why it’s not something I expect, or am even requesting. In all honesty, I don’t even consider immersion a top priority. But I know there are many people who like to relate to their character, and, as such, like the gender to match their own.

And really, character backstory can easily be gender flipped, unless you have some world lore like: Void Knight sects only recruit females…


What about a future? After release of the game for example? Opportunity to switch beetween male/female, for real money maybe.


Interestingly, Diablo 2 Characters were pre-determined in their appearance and gender, same for Diablo 1. Keeping that in mind, I am more than willing to give this a go. These two games were so good that such details became irrelevant in the end. I never wished for a second that I could play a female Necromancer, even after all those years!


Thanks. I wish they would have went the route of Grim Dawn, having a base male/female model then letting you choose which class to pursue. While Diablo 2 did have gender locked classes, there were more males than females so it didn’t bother me too much. Diablo 3, for as much as it got wrong, one thing it did right was to allow each class to be either gender.


This actually brings up an interesting topic of discussion: What defines Immersion for you? It’s pretty obvious that people have different expectations when it comes to Immersion. For me, Immersion is about story and world and content. Although I like being able to customize a character, To be immersed I need solid story and character development, which tends to favor fixed backgrounds and story. I’m ok with the direction of this game, as long as the end result is interesting to me. But I would love a rich character backdrop.

As an example, although I love Grim dawn for many reasons, character background and involvement is very limited and that’s a negative for me. Story is rich and interesting, with lots of little touches in the way of random journal entries, letters, and such to fill out the world and make it feel immersive. But it lacks anything to give the characters identity.

So I’m hoping with each class being a locked concept, that backdrop and story for the class will be involved, which drastically improves immersion for me.


Having the classes set as certain genders brings quite a few advantages, like developement cost/time being lower and such.

I totally agree with all that but at the risk of being shouted at, I will still ask: Why is the Knight female?


I feel like the Knight should be male, and the mage FEMALE! But I suppose it’s probably too late to change that D:

Also approve of female rogue.


I agree, Mages Rogues and Acolytes can totally be female, but the knight (even more so with the Sentinel), seems like its brute force strength… i’m all for getting some females (i love playing Scion and Witch in PoE) but the big bulky metalclad knight “should” be male. Imho.