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Werebear roar

I can exactly calculate all my werebear stats when in werebear form, with totem active, have charged recently and when swipe is fully stacked.

But when i roar in werebear form (in addition to all the above) the following stats all go up by exactly 90% ---- incr spell damage, incr melee damage, incr throw damage, incr phys, fire,cold,light, poison,void,necr and dot damage

I can’t figure out what is causing this so anyone with some ideas / knowledge please enlighten me.

The Enrage node grants increased damage for 4s on roar, which will buff all the damage lines on the character sheet. So at a guess I’d say you’re a low life build with 90% of your hp missing.

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nope defn not low life build. Std werebear build with around 750k life and melee leech in tree and on 2H wepaon

and i have 0 pts in enrage node

Do you have any uniques? Or passives that grant increased damage on skill use?

This is like LE’s version of 20 questions…

19 q’s to go :slight_smile:

no uniques and my idols are all %spell damage per active totem, chance to summon totem and leech. I have checked all passives like 50 times and cant find anything which would cause it. It’s weird as it is EXACTLY an additional 90% across all the damages.

And it defn only occurs when i hit roar. All the stats are exactly correct then when i hit roar they all jump up by exactly 90%.

In the words of Roy Orbison / U2 … “she’s a mystery to me” :slight_smile:

Yaaay finally figured it out. Casting Roar casts Entangling Roots through the Woodland Bear node which in turn increases damage by 90% through Imbued Sap node.

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