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Werebear Leap

I was playing my Primalist the other day and transformed into Werebear, and immediately tried to charge. Rather than charge I got this fantastic Leap instead. Not only is it giving me the Leap animation, but I also got Leap damage.

Here is a clip of it happening

Feel free to make this a low priority fix so I can keep doing it :sunglasses:

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How does it work? Do you jump within 4 seconds of transforming?
Does the Werebear benefits from any Fury Leap skill specializations?

From what I gathered when I did it, it’s just a matter of queueing up a leap immediately following the transformation button press. Another thing I’m doing is putting leap on the same keybind as charge so my movement skill is always the same button for muscle memory.

The game used a leap, so I’ll get all the specializations and damage of the leap. I should also benefit from werebear since the transformation has also occurred.

Honestly this is a low priority bug. It’s not a high target for abuse, and mostly just a fun glitch until they patch it out.

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