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Werebear form - Frostbite question

I am loving the idea of casting Ice Thorn with Werebear form. However, I can’t tell if the Ice Thorn version in Werebear form is the specialized version or not. My current Ice Thorn is the full Physical damage form so it doesn’t shoot “ice” but Werebear still shoots “Ice” out. Does it mean Werebear’s version of Frostbite is only the “base” form of Ice thorn? If so, it is very disappointing. I am hoping it’s just a bug?

It’s the base version afaik.

ugh. that sucks. it would be so cool if it’s the specialized version. can we make it the specialized version?

Yes I know :D. I instantly delted that toon when I saw it didn’t work like i wanted it to work xD. Man I was salty that day ^^. On the other hand tooltips normaly say that the skill used benefit from said skills nodes if it’s true like Fireball in Flame Reave.

It currently does not use your ice thorns tree.

This is a bug and will be fixed next patch. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Uh nice :D. Then I may again play a caster bear :D.

oh hooray!!! i want a caster bear!

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