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Werebear Form bugs

  • Spell Mastery doesn’t seem to work, Tried with Prophecy wand (+248% base spell damage), there were no increases for melee damage/crit chance in the character sheet.
  • Wizened Claws seems to increase melee crit chance in addition to the stated melee damage. Also, it is snapshotting, meaning you can pump your spell damage with equipment /short term buffs to gain benefit for the duration of werebear form (which can now be susteined indefinitely thanks to Innervating Blow).
  • Ursine Wisdom: “you return back at 30% health” part doesn’t work. I return to human form at full health. (tested both when returning using skill, and when out of mana)
  • Overwhelm + Skull Crush doesn’t seem to work. I couldn’t notice any damage increase, either enemies are not stunned or damage multiplier is not applied correctly. Also could’nt notice damage increase with Entangling Roots:Staggering Impact.
  • Rip and Tear - bonus damage/crit chance is applied for 4 seconds on Charge (stacking), instead of stated “if you have entered Werebear form recently”
  • Wild Command - “Roar grants Frenzy to all nearby allies”. not sure if “nearby alles” should include myself, but I don’t get attack speed increase on myself.
  • Woodland Bear - casts Roots every time when using Roar instead of the stated “when you enter Werebear Form”

Thanks, I have all of these noted.

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