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Werebear buttons

It would be nice to be able to customize the werebear skill bar. too many times ive accidentely hit the human form in the arena and got stepped on. Or at least, move that button to the 4 slot. This would make the QoL much better IMO.


You can move the revert to human form by moving the werebear form button while in human form to where you would like it.

I agree and have been meaning to post the exact same topic. Maybe putting the shapeshift skills within the menu to bind to specific keys, or even if we could left click the buttons when transformed to move them around and it only saved until you restarted the game would be a huge improvement.

With both hands for it
I suffer a lot without it

thanks boardman! case closed :slight_smile:

Not really though, we need to be able to rebind all the shapeshifted skills and move them around on the bar

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