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Werebear Bloodthirst node not working

Hey. The Bloodthirst node is not working for me (on 3/3 Points it gives 24% Chance to cast a totem you have specialized on a kill with ravage).

It seemed super rare (means: it never happened), so I did some testing (kill >100 enemys with ravage) - never once got the totem. So for me it is not working :slight_smile:

edit: I put 3/3 Points into the bloodthirst node and I´ve got frenzy totem specialized at lvl 15 or something, and when not in werebear form I have it on my skillbar, for the records :slight_smile:

Is it a common issue / anyone else noticed so far?

Other than that, I´m really impressed on how the werebear form turned out to be ultra fun!

Keep up the good work,


Yep, not working for me either.

Not working here either. Haven’t seen a single totem.

EDIT: I’m using frenzy totems, specialized and in bar.

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