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We're Bringing Last Epoch to PAX West!

Eleventh Hour Games are excited to announce that we’ll be attending PAX West!

If you’re attending PAX West, be sure to check out our booth to;

  • Meet the team behind Last Epoch
  • Play the game while at PAX
  • Give us your feedback in person!

We’re super excited to be attending the convention, and we can’t wait to meet some of you for the first time - as well as catching up with those of you we’ve seen at previous conventions.


Are you excited for PAX? Dave is! Remember our friend Dave?

You’ll have to forgive Dave for fidgeting - he does it when he gets nervous. A few of the smaller members of the Immortal Empire have had some accidents when Dave’s social anxiety gets particularly bad, but, we won’t talk about those…


All the best guys!

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