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Went through a Time Rift and lost almost my entire UI

As the title says, I lost my UI when I went through a Time Rift. The minimap was still there, but nothing else; I couldn’t open any other menus, including the escape menu, and going back through the Rift didn’t fix it. It also didn’t show the cool Doctor Who tunnel effect before the loading screen. I have a habit of tabbing out while loading, so perhaps that contributed.

Here’s a screenshot, and the log from that session: Player-prev.log (274.8 KB)

We have a hotkey for disabling the UI, which is set to the “delete” key. I suspect it was pressed by accident, as I don’t see anything out of the ordinary in your log file. You can rebind that key if it will cause issues in future.

I don’t recall ever going anywhere near that key, but I guess if there’s no other indicator then one must assume that’s the case. Sorry to waste your time.

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