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Weird Mouse Issue

Have no idea which section this should be in (not sure if it’s a bug report, a technical issue or just something that folks have dealt with and can offer advice.) Apologies if it’s in the wrong place.

Just today I suddenly started having serious issues with my mouse in game. Tested and it does not happen with any other program or when on the desktop. The delay in clicking seems to be really long. So much so that I can click to cast a spell, move my mouse across the screen and the spell goes off where I just moved my mouse instead of where I originally clicked. It’s even more noticeable within the stash. I think it’s been noted that the stash has always had weird issues with clicks and selection but today it’s gotten nearly impossible to click on something. I click, expecting it to be grabbed so I can move it but it doesn’t grab. I have click, wait, then it grabs and I can move it.

Has anyone experienced an issue like this? If so how did you fix it? This just started happening today. Up until today I haven’t had these issues at all.


Do you have a controller plugged in as well?

I do not. And my mouse is wired so it’s not Bluetooth interference.

EDIT: Completely deleted and re-installed the game. It got better but it still feels off to what I’m used to. No idea what it is at this point. :flushed:

So I have had no luck in trying to figure out what is causing this. I’m totally baffled. The frustrating thing is that it’s to the point where I’m having to many deaths because of it and that’s getting really old really quickly. I may have to just lay low until the next patch comes out and see if that’s fixed it and continue troubleshooting it on my own.

Can you try a different mouse to see if it is related to the game or your mouse?

Now why the hell didn’t I think of that?!?!?! ARGGHHHHHH! Will try this afternoon.

Sadly a different mouse did NOT fix it.

Too bad… you can still try to reinstall the mouse driver?

This site has some tips to try:

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Thanks for the tip. I’m on mac so I’ll read thru and see if there’s any thing I can translate over to mac OS when I get a chance (currently on a business shoot.)

Is it something that is happening in the arena, or monolith?

Does it happen when you are just using the target dummy?

Maybe you just need stun resistance :stuck_out_tongue: