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WearBear VS Spriggan form for minion Summoning builds. Which one reigns supreme?

lets try to analyze which form would give your pet minion builds the biggest damage boost, either lots of raw damage and defense buffs for your minions from wearbear form, OR having two additional minions you get to summon in spriggan form?

To be honest I play my Werbear without pets. First they invented petskills and they threw Shapeshift skills at us that make most pets useless. I’m not very happy with this ^^. For now I would happier with the Spriggan for a pet build. You can scale pets enough and two additional ones that are tanky enough and do a lot of dmg seems to be supperior to even tankier pets.

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I will take spriggan then, thanks mack :slight_smile:

I don’t really get the question :smiley:
IMHO shapeshifting and pets aren’t really synergistic. You can’t cast your pets’ skills, I’d rather spend the skill Slot of the shapeshift for buffing entangling roots for example, or Storm / Frenzy Totem. And once the healing Aura / eterra’s Blessing get skill trees I imagine there will be some powerful buffs in them as well.

You just lose too much during your shapeshift to make it worth it for minion builds IMHO.
Also, what minions do you get in spriggan form? o_O The vines and bramble wall? Thorn Totems give you 5 additional minions if you want numbers, soooo IMHO not going for a shapeshift gives your pet minion builds the biggest damage boost :smiley:

ok I tested it, you telling me you would rather lose insane dps just to cast minion abilities? minion abilities are far weaker then summoning giant thorn vines, walls, and mass summoning vale spirits from spriggan form. You haven’t tested spriggan form much, and right before you turn into spriggan I drop frenzy totem, and my frenzy has 100% increased area of effect and lasts a long time, well after I transform into spriggan form.
so my build is 4 scorpions,3 wolfs, 10 vale spirits circling me doing lazer beams, 2 giant vines, and spriggan pet that does insane dps with vale blast and is also proccing an additional 3 poison vines, and they are all under frenzy totems effect :slight_smile: with a splash of poison damage 100% chance for minions to proc poison, which then gives my spriggan 120% increased damage.

also, weaerbear scales with you and your pets, so you could be a tanky bear yourself doing lots of physical damage, while buffing your minions in a more focused hybrid playstyle way. wearbear gives you all damage, crit ,speed, defense, while providing buffs to your minions that give damage, crit ,speed ,defense, BUT for pure summoning, and not doing damage yourself, then spriggan is a million times better, because spriggan pets do so much added flat damage, and scale just aswell as the rest of your minions.

Okay I want to get on thing straight once and for all :D. Is it Wearbear… or a Werbear… I’m no native english speaking person so I’m confused :D.

The Different shapes have different benefits yet I still say the pet synergie isn’t there. They throw some heavy petbuffs ins there just for the sake of having petbuffs for a petclass. I still hope for an option to opt out of pets without loosing a ton of benefits.

Rjp both forms suck. thorn totem is actually way better lol ults have for summoners now…

Come again? I don’t get what you want to say ^^.

As someone with a lot of general experience but not a ton with druid forms (although i’ve done the math on them). I would suggest avoiding them entirely. Just go pure beast master. Assuming you’re going melee based companions.

This is mostly true, I mainly use druid now for spriggan pet, and specced him into pure vale guns, and so he does 400% increased damage when enemies are bleeding, and poisoned.

It’s “Werebear”, just like Werewolf but oh well, as Long as everyone knows what you mean… :smiley:
@Bankaikiller : I’m a bit confused. First you advocate heavily for druid forms, and now you say you mainly use it for spriggan pet…?
Concerning the Vale Spirits, I like them too, but I get them in my normal form through the passive node.
I never even considered werebear in Terms of pet build, and found the Vale Spirit Generation in Spriggan Form to be a bit slow to give up a skill Slot and my pet actives, but I think I’ll look into it once I find some time to Play again :smiley:

Its actually supposed to be Were …whatever. Werewolf Werebear and so on.

For pets BD, I suggest use frenzy totem, that will greatly buff your minions. But in the shapeshift you can not use Frenzy totem anymore.
You have to make the decision.

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