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Weapon stats not calculated correctly on un- and re-equipping

Unequiping and re-equiping the main-hand or the off-hand of my characters seem to influence the correct calculation and application of weapon properties. For example, when I start a game with “Eye of Reen” equipped on my character, the extra 25% attack speed won’t apply, unless I unequip and re-equip the weapon once. If I unequip my off-hand afterwards, that undoes the changes. (See example pics) Other gear slots seem not to affect this and work normally.

Incorrect weapon stats

System (19.3 KB)

Is it a UI issue or does the actual rate at which you can hit stuff change as well?

Thank you for the report!

This will be fixed in our next update.

Great. Thank you! And no, it’s not just the UI. Noticed it first, when another character with “Humming Bee” was so damn slow. At least I can fix it for now by unequipping and re-equipping.

Fixed by patch. Thank you!

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