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We need (at least) 1 more active skill slot

There are too many skills that feel mandatory so then we need an extra slot for the skills that are our own prefered playstyle with 3 or so already being taken up by ones you can almost not do without.


Adding 1 more skill slot or more would not solve this problem. More people would just use autocast skills stack more defense and push the arena higher easier to complain its boring. Also chosing your 5 skills is meant to be hard and mandatory changes as skills get reworked and new ones added


I guess with rebalancing it might make it less of an issue but so far it just feels limiting. And honestly I dont know why an aRPG these days should give me LESS options than a diablo 2 did.

If they only made it so you could cast a skill and then switch it out while it still is kept active.

For example in diablo 2 you could just summon skeletons etc and then switch to a dps skill. Now diablo 2 didnt have you slotting skills I know but I feel it wouldnt be too hard to implement in this game. If you click a skill slot there is already an easy skill switch system setup.

Id like my acolyte to be able to summon her army and then switch out those skills until Ive lost too many units and need to resummon them. When theyre all summoned there is no reason for the skill to still be on my bar basically.

I guess you play some minion build.
I agree that this is an issue for them, especially for druid when you want to synergies different pets and suddenly out of skill slots.


While I would like an additional skill slot (or two), I agree with Boardman, people (probably including me) would mainly use it to specialise a buff/aura type skill and just get further, rather than using a different dps skill & alternating. Unless more dps skills had cooldowns (which would, also IMO, be bad).

From the sound of it, I think EoTRampage just wants to eat his cake & have it, have fully specialised minions and other dps skills that he can use himself. Which is fair enough, but I don’t think that’s ever going to happen.

I feel like every “passive” or summon skill needs activation ability on top of what it already does. And these abilities could be customized in skill tree itself.


There was another game that did that (possibly PoE, but as EoTRampage as taught us, that’s not a proper aRPG). The Primalist minions do that at the moment, I’m not sure if I’d rather have them keep that as a special thing as compared to the Acolyte minions.

I guess you play some minion build.
I agree that this is an issue for them, especially for druid when you want to synergies different pets and suddenly out of skill slots.

I agree with this position.

5 skills is very good if it’s 5 active skills, like for exemple 5 mage spells.

But 5 skills for a Minion build (Necromancer or Druid mainly) are not enough. The gameplay is a bit too passive.

I don’t know what “solution” would be the best.


Diversity is good but I don’t think diversity just for sake of diversity, even if it makes skill less interesting, is worth it.

I understand, that some players love more passive builds, they summon tons of monsters and they just run around and curse enemies or something like that. So I would definitely keep this option for some skills, but I would always allow specialize any “passive” skill to have activation ability. Maybe by default Summon Skeletons will just summon skeletons, but if you want, you could spec into activation ability. Just an idea.

My guess is that the skill slot limit is weighted heavily, at least within the concept of minion builds, by primalist’s active companion skills. A solution might be allowing non-active minion skills to be assigned to a secondary bar, but that comes with it’s own problems.

I guess allowing minions (non-companion minions) to stay summoned once they are in play regardless of bar slotting could be ok. You still won’t be able to specialize in anymore skill trees, so it may not be as much of a balance issue as it presents at face value.

This is another idea that could work, but I think the devs view primalist companion actives as class defining, which they are big on. Giving minions a similar ability would blur the seperation between minion and companion.

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Imho it is totally fine that minion builds are more passive. That’s the style of a minion build. It’s important to have that diversity in how different classes play.

But it would also be nice to be able to have a more active minion playstyle with hybrid builds.

I suggested this some time ago already:
The necro needs skillnodes / passives that synergize with having less minions. There are some nodes on a few skills that make this attempt. But they are so damn weak that it doesnt work.

Make harvest do double damage when you have an Archmage. Make Archmage stronger than having 5 normal mages. Make summon skeleton mages stronger when you don’t use summon skeletons and vice versa.

Make Golem Aura apply to the player when no other minion is around and weaken the effect on the player for every additional minion you summon. Add passives that boost the effectiveness of the aura on you.

Give necro a protection / damage boost with attack skills as long as only [insert number] minions are active.

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IMO more skills would allow for more build diversity. With only 5 to choose a s some skills almost mandatory, this leaves each class only a couple of skill setups.
Please add a couple…

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Disclaimer: I am not against more skill slots.

More skill slots could actually lead to less diversity. I am too lazy to calculate it, however I would not operate with this argument :slight_smile:

But rule of thumb in these games is : If you believe you are missing slot or two, current skill slot amount is probably the right one.


no if it was the right amount we wouldnt bring up an issue with the current setup but praise it as another thing the game gets right. Your hypothysis of if people say its not enough that is a good thing just doesnt hold any truth to it.

Mathematically it would be the number of combinations which can be calculated by the number of available skills of your char end the number you can choose (now 5). I don’t bother doing that here but with 6 or 7 to choose you mathematically have way more options.

I think your looking from a very different angle. Just think about this:

If you could specialise all skills and put them onto a big action bar you would reduce build diversity to exactly 1. Every build is the same because it uses all the same skills.

Diversity in builds doesn’t come with the ability to put additional skills into your loadout. Mathematical / statistical you would increase build diversity by lowering the number of possible skills on your bar.

If you had only one skill slot available you have a build diversity as large as the number of different skills.

Please, no more slots! I’d rather the game one less than one more. The more slots you have, the more you’re expected to use, and you end up looking more at your keayboard, all your skills to check cooldowns etc, than at the actual character, the combat and the environment. If the game / a build makes you ‘need’ as many slots to pull off an attack each time, I think it’s just bad design. What do you actually need? 1 attack, 1 debuff, 1 aura/support/alternate attack/summon and 1 movement. That’s 4 total, plus a flask.

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And fewer combinations (distinct builds, ignoring differing skill point distributions).

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When this argument comes up and the person you suggest more skill slot is a summoner i kinda think it would be reasonable, BUT generally i think the amount of skill slots is perfect. Increasing the skill slots would lead to less diverse builds, since alot of builds would take the same buffs/utilities. I doubt that most of the builds would take additional active damage skills, maybe a few would take and additonal skills for AoE or stuff.

But back to OP. I think summoner being a bit more passive of a playstyle is ok. And EHG is already working on even more interestign skills(evne for summoner) to integrade into your build. All of the new skills for acolythe look very intersting ,even for summoner and are all ery active playstyle skills.

TL:DR Give the game more time to flesh out all skills/skill spec trees, amount of skills slots is perfect imo, except for some summoenr builds maybe, which most likly will get better with coming patches

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Maniac is referring to the fact that building your loadout is kind if meaningful when you have to choose the skills you take with you. This is for a purpose. Different loadouts with different skills/synergies = more build diversity. The feeling of missing 1 important skill you would like to have in your loadout makes you think about what other skill you want to get rid of. In fact I often struggle with that decision.

And exactly this feeling is what makes the decision meaningfull and forces your brain to work. If you think it’s just 1-2 skills that are missing, it’s exactly what is intended. If you’d feel like there are 5 skills missing, adding 3 would be a suggestion.

I don’t say you should like this. Just explaining the concept behind the actual system.