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We Have Changed the Forum's Default Home Page

The Last Epoch forums are powered by the Discourse forum package. This versatile software is configurable in many ways - and not just by us! While we have customized the forum in some ways ourselves, e.g. the forum badges displayed next to forum posts, it is also possible for you to change how the forum works while you are logged in on your account.

Previously the forum’s default home page was this;


We have now changed the default to this;


Prefer the old default?

Click here to see a step-by-step guide on how to change back.

Click on your avatar in the top-right corner.


Click on your username in the menu which opens.


Switch to the Preferences tab at the top of your profile.


You can find the Home Page setting in the Interface section.


Cool, though I do prefer the old so I’ll just change it back.

Yeah much prefer the other one called “Categories”. :ok_hand:

I agree - glad that we still have the option to easily change it back and forth.

Due to the feedback this change has received we have reversed it for now.

The ability to change the default home page for your account is still available.

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