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Warrior's Entrance Effect on Minions

After using Warrior’s Entrance, the character sheet shows an increase in the character’s damage, but it does not show any change in damage for minions. Cannot tell if the buff is being passed onto the minions as intended, or it isn’t, as the effect is completely invisible as far as the minions’ character sheet.

This also appears to be the case for Howl.

Is this intended to show only for the character despite the text saying it should increase overall damage for the minions as well?

Thank you.

What’s the text on Warrior’s Entrance? It’s not letting me online to check…

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Warrior’s Entrance

When you land , you and your minions deal more damage for 3 seconds.

Global Increased Damage: +XX%

Yeah, I can see it now. This could potentially be a display issue in that the skill node says “more” damage & the stats tab says “increased” damage so it’s not showing up. But you can see the effect on the player damage tab, so…

Or potentially as it’s “global” damage, that’s why it’s not applying to the minions despite the fluff wording on the node (since I don’t think that global modifiers affect minions, just the player).

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If that’s the case, the wording definitely needs to be reworked. This will mislead a lot of ‘minion-based’ players who will take the ability based on the wording alone. But I get the impression, based of the surrounding nodes, that it’s definitely supposed to affect the minions as well.

Thanks for the report! I’ve dug up the relevant code to take a look.

So, what’s happening here is that, technically, what the character sheet shows is a stat that your character has that affects minions summoned by your character. What Warrior’s Entrance does is directly buff existing minions of yours with a generic damage increase.

One consequence of this is that if you were to hypothetically summon a new minion after casting Fury Leap, it wouldn’t receive the buff due to it not existing when the buff was applied.

I’m going to mark this thread as resolved. That’s not to say that I think how this works is perfect, not at all clunky, and couldn’t possibly be improved - just that, 1) this node is indeed functioning correctly, and, 2) this is a broader issue than just one node on Fury Leap’s tree.

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Thank you for confirming the buff is indeed working on minions. And yes, I agree. There should be some indication, graphically or otherwise, that the effect is in fact taking place. But that’s what beta testing is all about. :slight_smile:

Again, thank you for the clarification.

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